Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to experience the worst employee that this Wal-mart acknowledges as a customer service representative a few mornings ago. As a customer, you may come across questions regarding store policy or regulations, and it's logical to contact the customer service department just as you would for any other business such as Amazon, Fry's, or Target.

You may feel compunction as you ask them trivial questions that they may have encountered thousands of times or as you watch them go out of their way just to help you. But the result is the same whether you received your answer or not: you are treated with respect, professionalism, and proper decorum. Dismally, I was mistaken to expect these qualities from a CUSTOMER SERVICE representative, which is a fundamental flaw in itself and defeats the purpose of what customer service truly represents. Now, I am not hating because she could not do what I asked (I would never ever encourage an employee to go against policy and risk job security), I am expressing my absolute disgust regarding her condescending and curt behavior that morning.

It was as if she was castigating me for not understanding store policy (HELLO! I don't work here, that's why I am asking). I told her that she may have been a little patronizing toward me, but that only developed into a horrendously boorish attitude as she became defensive toward me. If you think that is bad, the way they handle formal complaints is impractical.

The process is entirely verbal and you express your grievances to an apathetic and nonchalant customer service "manager". This Walmart is huge, and filing a compliant is futile. So, if you do happen to get mistreated I suggest that you address all your issues to corporate. Hopefully, they'll have the integrity and the moral scruple to do something about it.

https://corporate.walmart.com/contact-us/store-cor than that, try out their competitors like Fry's, Marsh, Meijer, Target, Kroger and Staples. They're pretty good.

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It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


Have you ever dealt with the public day in and day out. After awhile it makes you wonder if everyone is a ***.

Telling her that she was giving you attitude only adds to it!

Next time try the kill them with kindness. It usually works EVERY time!


Call 1-800 Walmart and tell them about your experience. I guarantee they will take care of that employee, likely she has some psychological issues and is unable to interact with others without her psychotic behavior creeping out.

Customer service manager is a nobody you need to speak to the Store Manager name is usually printed on the receipt. But the 1-800 number will get the complaint to the management over the psychotic employee.

Good Luck! & Welcome to the Awful World of Walmart.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #640410

Did it ever occur to you that maybe that was her way of explaining things? Also the fact that you copped an attitude with her didn't help the matter any.

Some things are better handled over the phone. What could have been so bad that you would feel you had to go to corporate? Myself I can't figure out what kind of store policy or regulations there would be that any shopper wouldn't know about. A lot of it is pure common sense.

However, I have always been able to talk to any of the managers if need be. It isn't always the head manager, but any of the assistant managers will do. I have also called and spoke to customer service, mainly if I have a question about returning an item. There is no way that filing a written complaint would be futile.

All you would have to do is write a letter addressed the manager. Myself, I think your complaint sounds like you are out to make trouble. To begin with no matter where you complain you would have to know the name of the customer service person that you spoke with. Then on the other hand by the time you got there, do you have any idea how many customers making returns, or with inane/asinine questions/suggestions she might have dealt with before you arrived?

There are times when I arrive at WalMart at 7:30AM and there is already a line of people at customer service waiting to return items or whatever, and there are two people working the counter.

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