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The store on Carl Boyer Avenue in Canyon Country has 2 cash registers open when the store is full. Of course the Store Manager is nowhere to be found.

I have stood in line as long as 30 minutes, by the time I get home, all my frozen product has defrosted, what a waste!!! My "savings" have just Cost me more money.

I'm tired of hearing fellow customers yelling and screaming for the Store Manager to do something...maybe Walmart isn't worth it in the long run...Also aggravating are the amount of people Soliciting outside the store, they have no right to expect me to give my opinion on anything, and act indignant when I don't. I thought Walmart was a family store where a person could get a decent price on items and not be hassled, apparently not...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202919

In the beginning of you letter you said that there were only two registers open and the store was busy and you were upset about this. However in your reply you said that there was only a few customers because it was not that busy because the management don't know how to run a store.

WHich was it was it busy or not.

You can't just change the story to what suits you. YOu may think it makes you look good but it makes you look foolish.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202299

First of all I am divorced the *** whom I married acts like she is on her period everyday. Infact she is 27 and acts like she is suffering from menopause.

Also crackers don't know how to run a a store. It is no wonder the store was pratically empty.

Who would want to go to a store ran by clan member crackers. I bet the manager owns a white hood that racist cracker.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201961

If you did kill youself in an accident for driving too fast not only would it be YOUR fault, however it would be best off for your son because he would no longer have to put up with your physical and verbal abuse. When you beat your son up because he did not complete his homework, it was YOUR fault.

When you call your son ugly names in anger it is YOUR fault. Where is your wife/husband in all of this? Why are they letting you mistreat your child. I can understand being frustrated at waiting this long, however I would never take my frustration out on my children.

Grow up and take your responsibility for your actions. You blame your son, you blame the manager, other customers, when you should be pointing at yourself.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #201643

Right now because of them they made me so angry that when I found out my eight year old son got a letter from the teacher saying he did not do his homework it made me so angry that I grabbed his hair and tugged on it hard and shoved him on the floor. This is all because of them.

Because of them I got a fight with the scouts soliciting outside. Apparently those white trash children had permission to ask for donations from the store. When the boy asked me for a donation. I told him to leave me alone or I would beat the s**t out of him..

I called him white trash and told him to go join Nambla where someone can love him because no parent loves a begging little j**kass got in a fight with his leader who told me I had no right to talk to a ten year old like that. That kid is a p*ssy because I always talk to my eight year old like that when I am angry. I drove too fast because I as angry, but do these people care. NO.

I could have killed myself, my son or someone else but they don't care. To top it off, my *** dumb son had to use the washroom so I had to get out of line. The cracker who was behind me would not let me back in line after my son finished using the washroom. I went to complain the the manager and he took the cracker's side.

(He was a cracker himself.) Crackers don't know how to run the store. He told me since I got out of line I had to wait in line again.

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