Solon, Iowa
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I went back to Wal-Mart with a defective Nerf gun for my son. Then I am up to the counter and the snot nose employee is like "I have many others things I could be doing than help some people with problems" right to my face.

I get into this big argument and she refuses to help. At this point I am infuriated and here my complaint is. Some people can be such jerks at their job.

They're there to help not be a problem. I am legitimately mad at their service an not pleased with their service what so ever.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The beginning of your complaint is OK, but when you refer to the employee as "snot nosed" is where your entire complaint tells me that you think you are higher classed than WalMart employees. The only problem is with your high classed attitude, you sure didn't show it when you got into an argument with the employee.

Did she actually say the comment you say she did, or is that just something that you think you saw? You are right some employees can be jerks, but usually not until they have to deal with a customer that is *** and expects to have preferential treatment.

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