Paradise Valley, Arizona

I sit here at the wal mart super center in west El Paso. The floor is filthy and the ketchup dispenser disgusted me had to ask for packets.

Waited here ten minutes before they said my food was ready....never eat here again! Then they were out of jalapeños and when I asked for ketchup she had to look for it she didn't know where it was. The tables were not wiped down and not sure if understaffed but it's pretty sad.

It's very rare when I eat out but with the holiday shopping there's no time for cooking. And the one time I do it's pretty disgusting.

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uh where do you eat at Walmart? I mean I've seen Subway and McDonald's on the inside of Walmart but if you're referring to them, then this isn't a complaint about Subway. but since you're too dumb to explain, I'll just assume that you just started eating in the middle of the aisles.


Tanya, you eat a lot meals at wamart huh? They take yo food stamps? It's such as shame my taxes go to these people WTF.


WalMart doesn't control the restaurants in their stores. Where I live it is Subway, they used to have McDonald's on a trial basis.

You should be able to figure out by the name of the restaurant that isn't operated by WalMart, just by the name of the restaurant. If you could see it was so dirty, you didn't have to eat there, you could have went some place else to eat. Also if you really want to cook there is always time.

Start a meal in the slow cooker, in the morning before you leave home. There is also things that are quick to fix, like grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches, etc.


Walmart does control everything in their store. Walmart takes a percentage of sales from every restaurant and individual business located in the stores.

At that point, you accept responsibility to keep all sections of your store clean.

Maybe you can accept dirty, nasty stores, but most of us can't.