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I purchased several items on-line to be picked up at the new store on Broward blvd # 2946. when I went I was told the products were not a couple of days later I got a message telling me my things were in.

I called the store to confirm and the employee that answered the phone (Shasity Ter) transferred me to the correct department and I eventually was hung up on so I called back after the same result several time the girl would pick up the phone and simply hang up on me. I could hear her giggling in the background and saying "it's him again" This occurred 19 times. I was so angry that I drove there after work, Spoke to assistant Manager who quickly solve my problem and told me to call this morning and speak to Anthony The store manager. After calling today since 9:00am he still has not answered the phone once nor has he tried to call me they simply don't care.

As a long mtime walmart customer who spends no less than $500.00 on groceries alone by-weekly and god only knows how much on other store items for the home.

I don't feel that I as a customer deserve that kind of treatment.

In conclusion I am not shure if I will ever purchase at walmart again at least never at this store for Shure. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: disrespect and poor customer service.

Preferred solution: you do what you see fit in this case.

Walmart Cons: Read my review, Customer service hanging up on me.

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lmao Thieved wanting to sue for being humilated. ***.


One more thing I like to add, they treat employees the same way they treat customers when they steal. I was disillusioned by the LP and management team.

I only stole from them once, and they pressed charges. They called the police, made me leave in handcuffs in front of my peers, this was embarrassing and my lawyer is afraid to take on a big company like them. I want to sue them for humiliating me. The management, even LP and i had friendly conversations about things like school, our family, ect.

Then instead of letting it slide because we are friend they treated me like a customer who steals. They don't treat us any different.

They also play favorites, we are not allowed drinks on the floor, and one man is allowed to bring pop on the floor because he is diabetic. If I had done the same I would have been written up, but this particular man gets special privileges because he is diabetic.


That is not favoritism that is accommodating to their medical needs.


Also they treat their employees as badly as they treat their customers for shoplifting. I know I used to work there, only stole from the company once and they fired me and pressed criminal charges.

This was a shame because I was disillionsoned.

I thought the managers were my friends and would let it slide as well as the LP. I trusted them, we talked about personnal stuff, family, vacations, school your lives, instead of letting it slide they called the police, and pressed charges on someone that is to be a friend.


Complain direct to WalMart via the phone or on their website about this location. However, be aware that this is probably considered normal customer service by corporate.