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My boyfriend and I went to Walmart several days ago. We did not look our best as we had been moving and painting all day.

We were followed around the store for the entire hour we were shopping by other "shoppers" who never actually bought anything and turned up in every isle we went down. After paying for our items, we went to leave the store. Standing at the exit was a greeter (it was 3 am!). She stopped us, and while craning her neck to scope our purchases, asked to see our reciept.

This infuriated me firstly because she did not stop the people who left right before us, and secondly because the subtext was that she was accusing us of stealing. It wasn't as if we were wheeling a giant flat screen out the door; we had an Easter basket, cookies, and some crafts. Being as how those items ceased to belong to Walmart the moment they took my money and passed me a reciept, I refused the Anti-Greeter's request. She took 2 seconds to process this then became irate, yelling at our retreating backs, "Don't worry, the cameras will take care of you two!" We honestly felt that this woman was placed at the door specifically for us; that we were profiled due to our slightly disheveled appearance coupled with the lateness of our visit.

Her retaliation ticked me off even further. When I got home, I sent the Walmart Ethics Corporate office an e-mail detailing our experience. I allowed them to contact me either via email or by the phone number I provided. I have heard nothing in return.

I double checked on the website with the reference number I was given. Still nada.

Walmart is a huge corporation, I understand that they have numerous irons in the fire at every given moment. However, if they are treating anyone else in the same manner as they did my boyfriend and I, they cannot expect to remain the nation's top retail outfit.

User's recommendation: You do not have to put up with their "measures to reduce theivery". They are not the law and there is NO law in any of the 50 states that requires you to present proof of ownership when leaving a store. Exercise your right to say "NO"!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: There is something there for everyone, Cheap.

Walmart Cons: Waiting in long lines, Rude and unhelpful employees, Laize fair attitude of corporate regarding complaints, Bogus return policies, Shopping there promotes ruination of america.

Location: 5031 Frederica St, Owensboro, KY 42301

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It was probably more than your disheveled look. Do you realize how many disheveled people there are in a Walmart?

I see half dressed woman with their butt cheeks sticking out of their short shorts?Others too fat to squeeze into their size 8 clothes? It takes 2 minutes to brush your hair, wash up, and throw some clean clothes on.


OK, what were you stealing? That would be the only reason you would object to a quick check.

Admit it,.

What with all the theft going on it retail, it's completely understandable that they would suspect everyone. Whether you like it or not stereotyping is alive and well and always will be.


People like you get in your own way. This is common practice at Walmart and has been in place for years.

When shoppers refuse to comply and go barreling out the door refusing to stop, Walmart just takes harsher and more extreme measures to prevent theft. My local Walmart is usually populated by entitled people like you who treat door greeters this way. When Walmart realized that thefts continued bc people were refusing a ten-second receipt check they deployed lock-boxes for makeup and small items, put all electronics down to $5 headphones behind glass, and installed doors near the entrance that swing shut and sound an alarm if you walk the wrong way out the door.

Instead of standing in line in the makeup department to get a tube of mascara locked up in a box or searching the electronics department to find an employee to unlock a phone charger, maybe you should just calm down about receipt checks so you can get where you’re going instead of looking for something to be mad about. Walmart is a business that CAN and WILL continue to enforce progressively stricter measures to protect their products so hopefully you decide not to waste even more of your precious time.


Did you have items that weren’t in a bag? At the Walmarts in my area the only time they stop people is if they have things in their cart that aren’t in a bag.

They quickly scan the barcode and then the receipt.

If it’s on the receipt you are good to go and it only takes seconds. No big deal if you aren’t stealing anything.

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