Omaha, Nebraska

Every singl time i go to wal mart the bathroom is always filthy and smells horrible. It does not matter which ostore you go to either!.

i have complained and i have heard many others also complainand it does no good. there is no excuse for it and i hope if someone agrres with me they too willuse this site to complain!!. a wealthy corporation like wal mart and you can not seem to keep your rest rooms clean? hard working people have made wal mart corp.

rich so spend a little on cleaning products!! and hire some one who knows how to clean .

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Yes the walmart bathrooms are a disgrace. Even when our walmart was new the bathrooms were disgusting in no time.

No reason for it.

There no way they could clean it everyday and have it smell and be so filthy. They need a auto spray air freshener too.


The bathrooms are usually terrible because walmart hires retarded people (and I mean this literally) or older people to clean the store and they usually don't understand or are too old to really care about their job. If you think I'm *** you, I would suggest you look at the people who clean the bathrooms.


Anyone ever notice how Big Bruce never files a complaint about a company or business? He just gives the real posters a hard time.... hum...


Have you seen some of the people who walk through the doors of Wal-Mart? If you want the restrooms to be clean, then the stores will need a requirement that each patron shower before entering. Seriously - the maintence people can't keep up with some of the filth bags that walk through the door then Ñ•hit all over the restroom.


There is also no excuse to have such terrible spelling and grammer! :p