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My husband and I are in Woodward Oklahoma, he is doing a job here. We are from Arkansas and we have never seen such rude people as the people in this town.

The greeter at Walmart went all balistic because I wanted to get a different cart and I didn't put the first one back, but the whole 3 months we've been here they have always had the carts out in the isle so when you walk in its a straight shot. Apparently somebody got on to her for it so she decided to take it out on me and started yelling at me to put it back. I told her I was going to tell the manager and she screamed "GO AHEAD". So anyway the manager said he would talk to her .

I never seen him go over there.

I cannot wait to get back home where people know how to treat each other. I hate this town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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She should never have yelled at you, you don't know better, she should have called your mother and yelled at her for not teaching you to put things back where you found them. Also you are bashing a whole town because of one person? Are you sniffing something?


I used to live in Traverse city, MI and that Walmart was always very nice and helpful, I pay cash for my script so the pharmacist would always give me a discount but then I moved and could have never anticipated the years of BS trying to get my script filled. Every time I go in someone tells me a new lie and gives me the run around, "issues with the manufacture, no longer carry that script, will take 3 months to fill est, and offer to send it somewhere else.

I go in for days until I get someone to fill it or place the order and I have noticed the story seems to change when I say i'm paying cash, by the way the cost is $180 more then TC. Sadly, this is not the only pharmacy that wants to be selective on what they fill, I called every pharmacy in town and been told "Don't have it, wont order it", had to drive four hours a few times to have it filled.

Though research I found that its legal for an entire town to deny to fill any script, for example, that this is a huge issue with Birth Control down South. Pharmacist very simply should not have the right to be a third party in-between you and your doctor at least not without some regulation.


Irish, shut the *** up!! You have no clue what you are talking about.

My WalMart leaves the carts in the middle also, I don't see what the big deal is.

How can you call somebody lazy when nothing in that story describes the customer as lazy! Business' should treat ALL customers with respect.


You lazy person. You can't just leave the carts anywhere.

Go and call the manager.

I hope he tells you how lazy you are. if this four year old put the cart back she would not have to deal with rude door greeters.


These door greeters are not being trained properly. They believe they own everything even before you enter the store.

I deal with rudeness from the dorr greeters constantly. They are constantly checking bagage before you even start your shopping. They have very little respect for the customer who pays there paycheck. But you see they have forgotten that.

And see that is the problem with these door greeters and cashiers. They forget we pay there salary. And since when is it customer last and employees first. The golden rule has been broken which is the customer is alwasy right regardless of the situation.

I have been in many situations where I was blamed for something the employee did while I am being the paying customer. But it is not just a t the walmart stores it is everywhere. Customer relations is not being taught like it was years ago. Now adays the employees are right and the customer is wrong and that is the same with the managment of these retail stores.

It does not even pay to talk with managment about anything anymore. They take sides with the employee before they even hear both sides of the store especially here in the champaign walmart here in Illinois.


The customer is NOT always right. IF that *** saying was true, most businesses would be broke due to being robbed blind by the "customers." Most customers I've encountered during my stint in retail were whiny, unreasonable, threatening, and tried to bargin prices like we were a flea market.

No, the customer is not always right. Usually, the customer is trying to get something for nothing.


I agree with Turtle. What was the problem the next customer would be happy to have a cart waiting for them.

And if there is something wrong with the cart then they should take it off the floor. What happened that greeters just stand there, they use to have a cart waiting for you.


when I am home visiting my parents I do shop at whalemart. Only place to shope for 20 miles. So I have no choice.

Now I refuse to buy or eat anything that is frozen and needs a microwave to "cook" it. It's just *** "food"

Last time I was there I had 2 baskets full of fresh veggies, meats and fruits. Behind me a huge family bringing on any scale about 1.5 tons of flab. The whale of a woman tried to make fun of me for what I was buying. After I had her almost in tears I paid for my stuff. the store manager was at the end of the isle and he asked me not to come back! I was not a happy camper.

So instead os driving there to shop I drive an extra 25 miles to the farmers market and shop there. Ya know what? It's cheaper, tastes a *** of a lot better and is better for me and the environment.

Suck that Whalemart!


You sound like a bully. Like an obese person doesn't have enough problems with society without some bully making him/her cry. I hope you are proud of yourself.


And listen up EDNA there's nothing wrong with shopping at wal mart dumb ***. Unless you hate saving money.

What the *** are you even on this sight for if you don't have something to *** about anyway. Something of your own!


Maybe I didn't explain good enough. She usually pulls the carts out in the walk way so people don't have to go to the side and get them so I actually thought I was helping her. But apparently somebody said something about her doing that and I didn't know it.


Why didn't you put the first cart back, which would have been the polite thing to do -- instead of leaving it sit for her to deal with? You sound more rude than the greeter.

If you grabbed a sack of potatoes and you wanted a different one,would you just drop the first sack on the floor?

Probably. Plus, you shop at Whale-Mart -- 'nuf said.


Don't you mean big sister! Men don't say "you go gurl." duh!!!!


You go gurl!!! I am so proud to have come frm the same womb as you!!


SALLY you don't know what the *** you are talking about. let me guess you're an old rude *** too.


You're the rude lazy ***. They should have kicked you out of the store.