San Antonio, Texas
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I went in to wal-mart to shop for the 4th of July. In the fruit department I smelled something very rotten as I was gathering red apples. I smelled my hand and realize that it was the red apples that were very nasty. So I went up to a manager who was putting groceries back on shelves and I asked him are you a manager and he responded yes, but I'm off the cloc,k and walked away from me. I looked around and said ok.

If Sam Walton new about this he would be throwing up on his grave.The only person who cared was a cashier named Jennifer, and apologized to me. That is why I shop at HEB...

Marcelina-San Antonio Texas

Read this owners 7/3/12

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Anonymous, you claim that you don't argue. yet you always reply to us.

the only difference with you is that you usually talk like a child that can't figure how to use a cell phone. and you're the nut case that agrees with nut cases on this site.


""than"? :upset

You just can't fix stu_pid!!!!! :x"

And you can't spell out whole words, that is why you need to use short forms.


"this site to to alert the public" Stutter much, Anonymous?

Anonymous, your previous comments on this complaint are proof positive you will agree with any nutcase who has something negative to say about a retailer. Even when it was blatantly obvious that the original poster was in the wrong by asking the employee to violate federal law, you come to the complainant's defense by placing the blame on the employee and the retailer instead of the idiᴏt customer who demanded the employee work without compensation.


"than"? :upset

You just can't fix stu_pid!!!!! :x


marcelina when you post a review online for everyone to view you can't go around saying mind your own business, and if you showed this attitude in the store as you are showing other posters than no wonder the manager did not want to help you. Seriously grow up, the world does not revolve around you and we are simply telling you that by law he does NOT need to help you. Also what kind of life do you have posting this online for people to laugh at you behind your back.



Thanks for your GREAT posting and comments.

This site is for alerting the public about the kind of store we do business with, and not to argue with the trash trolls who roam this site! :zzz :zzz :zzz

I love the way you put the interlopers in their places and hope they get the message. :grin

Please keep up your good work posting reviews about your experiences!!!

Contrary to what these nut cases think, this site to to alert the public, not indulge in their ridiculous games of, "Oh, Yeah?" :grin :grin


"Now this comment wasn't for noses people who don't have a life if was for the company to know why they are losing customer. Mind your own business." The comment also wasn't for people who have above a third grade level understanding of the English language either.


Now this comment wasn't for noses people who don't have a life if was for the company to know why they are losing customer. Mind your own business.

Jedi K

I take it Debbie was fired from one of these managers and the real problem was her.


I worked at Walmart for years and actually got in trouble for helping customers when I was off the clock. The problem at Walmart is the *** customers far outweigh the kind customers...and Walmart encourages it.

Take a walk through Walmart. Of course we loose incentive after the way the 'idiots' treat us. They pick their nose, whip it on the card machine, and the kids are much wore. Walmart is a very sick place that unless you're rich you are stuck.

And the problem is usually not the's management. :p


hey Marcelina, will you come mow the lawn and clean the pool for me? and for free?

oh what's that, you can't?

well then why should an unpaid person help someone like you? you're more rotten than those apples were.


You are exactly right, PickyCustomer. Mr.

Sam would hire housewifes almost exclusively. His reasoning was these housewifes would not want a full-time career with Wal-Mart and wouldn't need big wages or full benefits--something their husbands would already provide.

Karl S

I worked for Sam Walton. He wasn't perfect, he was a businessman.

He did things for customers that made him the success he was. However, he didn't always put his employees first. He usually put growing his market share first, sometimes ruthlessly destroying his competitors and vendors along the way. I don't believe any company can grow as quickly and stay on top permanently by always doing the right thing.

It seems the American business model is to break every rule first, then pay the consequences after their army of lawyers shields them from blame. Wal-mart was no different, neither was Sam Walton. He certainly wasn't the folksy kind-hearted grandfatherly type his carefully crafted public image portrayed. It is unreasonable to expect an off-the-clock employee to cater to you when not working.

You wouldn't want to be expected to work without compensation at your job. Just because a store is open to the general public doesn't require them to be a door mat.

A retailer is a business, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to be catered to beyond reason, perhaps you should pay someone to do your shopping for you.


*for should be or


I love how everyone knows what would make Sam Walton turn over/throw up/whatever in his grave as if they personally knew him. Stop disrespecting the dead because you an off the clock employee wouldn't cater to your dumb request.


Tell me where you work, so I can harass you on your break and demand that you help me. Seriously grow up, the world does not revolve around you, yet if it were you in the same situation you would want to get your break. How lazy are you that you cannot find someone else to help you.


How dare the associate not work for free and be your personal slave.

If someone is off the clock - it means they are not being paid. That means it is not their responsibility to help you for find someone else to help you.

IT IS NOT YOUR CALL - IT IS THE LAW. Get off your high horse and move on.