I figured out Wal-Mart's deceit! I've always shopped my BOGOs on Saturday.

Recently, I've noticed many things "sold out" by the weekend and thinking, like someone once posted on a comment "early bird gets the worm". Well my friends, Winn Dixie's ad came out this morning and guess what? I was in Wal-mart this morning and the three things I wanted BOGO were completely empty...nada, gone, nothing on the shelves. I have realized that although Wal-Mart advertises that they will match all BOGOS, they remove the BOGO items from the shelves the morning these ads hit!

Shame on you Wal-Mart!!!!

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That is false. They probably hadn't restocked those shelves yet dummy. When I shop at Walmart in the morning, they are still restocking.


You are wrong, I work at the Fleming Island, Florida Wal-Mart, we had the BOGO items on the shelf, and I personally hid them just when you came into the store because I did not want you to get any. Just wanted to make your life difficult, I returned them to their proper location afterwards.

First Born Triplet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #826983

Either you are correct about them removing tie Bogos, or other people tried to price match and they ran out. Why not just go to Winn-Dixie?

Lakemont, Georgia, United States #826369

Where I live Walmart doesn't have BOGO sales, but with how understaffed most of them are I seriously doubt they have the man power to waste on pulling all sale items from the sales floor just before the sale takes effect. They would spend more on payroll doing this than they would lose from the sale.


Why don't you just go to Winn Dixie? walmart does not remove items from the shelves to hide from people so they don't have to comp.

Do you have any idea at all how utterly ridiculous your complaint sounds?... Do you seriously believe that Walmart associates have the time to look up ads then run all over the store pulling merchandise from the shelves to hide from customers till the other stores sales are over????? LOL!

Just because other customers bought it up before it went on sale or after you come up with this moronic discovery of walmarts deceit because you missed out. This complaint was so *** it made me laugh!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #826317

Where I live the WalMart ads come out in the Sunday paper. It stands to reason that by the middle of the week certain items would be sold out.

Also when an ad comes out they might have a limited supply of the item to begin with.

Pay attention to the small print in most ads, and it will say things like limited supply or not available in all stores. Read the fine print.

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