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I picked up my elderly Mother from the McCook Community Hospital, and drove west. A few blocks from Walmart I noticed I had a flat tire, so I pulled in. After waiting 10 minutes for the employees to discuss their breaks and when they were going home I got ticket written. I waited for an approximately one hour, while my mother vomited in the car outside. I was then given permission to pull into the garage but was stopped at the door and was told a tire could not be changed with someone in the car.

I went and talked to Michael Long the store manager, who could not provide any kind of answers to my questions, and soon I was asked to leave the store for invading his personal space.

My plan is to do some research and write some letters to the board of directors...................I am open for any suggestions............

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Dodge City, Kansas, United States #588070

Policy is policy, if they cannot change the tire with a person in the car, what makes you so special? If they make an exception for you, they make an exception for everyone.

"When he refused to allow it just this one time I got in his face and this is when he told me i was invading his personal space and to back off."

Obviously if someone gets in your face, you're going to tell them to back off. YOU don't like it when people are yelling in your face, do you?

"I told him I would not back off until they fixed the tire. He then went to call security. I tried to grab the phone from him however two employees held me"

It sounds like you were out of control, what is wrong with you? Your temper sounds terrible.

"and the *** at the returns desk called security and I was asked to leave."

Any normal sane person that saw someone grabbing at and screaming at their manager would. That doesn't make someone a ***...

"Then when my mother asked me what was happening. I was already so angry that I told her to shut up and yelled at her for throwing up in my car. Which made my mother cry. Could not help it I was angry. Wal-mart made my mother cry."

You were angry because you couldn't have your way. You sound like a child. No pity from me.


I took a bunn coffe pot back Monday for exchange wasn't heating water 30 days old.Sent sales none were assessible to public sales assoc.told me they weren"t any in back.

Front desk I asked to call Lex store in order to exchange person at service desk was also told none in stock.

Service desk person looked up stock # quess what 6 in stock.Same McCook store.


I live in McCook and M. Long is not the manager. False information will not lend validity to your story.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203895

However in one story you said she cried because of them and in another you said she did not. Keep to one story and don't make it confussing.


I am still open for any kind of suggestions, lets not let the hecklers take us off the subject.


My Mother did not cry, READ!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202297

Actualy these stores do have security, they are called plain clothes security.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202295

You made your mother cry not Wal-mart. Grow up. Obviously she did not raise you right, or you are not listening to her.


There are no security guards at the McCook, Nebraska Walmart, just cameras.


The tire was fixed by Frenchman Valley Co-op while my mother sat in the car.

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