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walmart claims they have any thing and every thing fore any body they just fore got about the sportman class pepole. the maumelle ar store does not carry enough hunting supplys or gear,equipment for the every day guys to do what we try to do.

i went in this store to purchase several different things for my guns and could not get a single one of these products that the other walmarts in my area handle all the time. i don't understand why these store man.don't want to help people like us out. i got told they did not handle this type of stuff that corp.

had to do this for them if this is the case you have some very *** people working in management .they need to be hung out to dry turn it back over to the store man.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I would try to help you but I don't understand what the *** you are trying to say. Also please tell me you don't actually own a gun because there are a lot of nutjobs out there with guns. Michael Moore must be right, they give guns to just anyone that wants one.


Before you tell someone to get help with Hooked on Phonics, perhaps you should learn proper grammar as well.


umm i think you need to get hooked on phonics at walmart and not worry about the sportmans sh%t because walmart cant have every ***in thing you want!