Henderson, North Carolina

My complaint is the sorry slow service they have at the deli at the Henderson NC Walmart. The workers are always unfriendly and act like they don't even want to wait on u, u have to *** near yell at them to make them notice u to get some service, boy i tell u if my kids didn't need that ham for lunch i would have just left it in the store!!!!!

If you don't like your job don't come to work with the attitude let someone who don't mind waiting on people take your place. Makes no sense to me!

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Slow your roll.....it aint all about you as noted by the previous posters......trying being respectful to those behind the counter....you might find they react accordingly.....come up in a huff and act like the world revolves around you and you are gonna get what you get.


If you didn't like the service at the deli, you could have walked a short distance more, and picked up a package of almost any kind of sandwich meat, your little heart desired. It's your own fault that you were too lazy to do that, when you were in such a hurry.


Walmart gets the bottom of the barrel. The lowest of the low.


Hmmm...I think you are leaving out part of the story. Perhaps the part where you walk in screaming, whining, and complaining and thinking the world revolves around you.