I was at a Walmart in Edmonton to do a little shopping. I went looking for a basket.

A greeter told me they did not have baskets. I was told they did have small shopping carts but none were available at this time.

Wow big help that was. I went to housewares and got a basket to use,At the till I told the cashier that I only used the basket to shop and did not want to purchase it.If this is too make us purchase more items with a cart, It didn't work.I will think about shopping else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I never said you stole anything. Go ahead sue me for slander.

You don't even know what it means. As for Travis, you are what you claim.


'abused a privilege?' THEY ARE PAID TO BE THERE! What are you on?

They have people who's job it is to collect carts etc. That's like saying someone dropped a container of milk on the floor and walmart stopped carrying milk because it was too much trouble to clean up.

With a comment like that you either work or walmart or are a bloody ***. Well, working at walmart usually means you didn't graduate highschool so I guess they're one and the same.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #294340

because of this I got mad at my wife and caled her a *** and she divorced me.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #294339

You lying *** I never stole baskets nore have i left them on counter. i am going to find where you live and sue you for slander.


I agree with original poster. I think they only carry the huge and ridiculous grey carts so people will buy more.

Whenever I go to Walmart I make a point of finding a decent-sized box- in the soda aisle or something- to empty out and use as a basket. Never thought of finding wicker-ware... but then who wants to do the extra quarter mile of walking?

Another thing about Walmart is their prices aren't "unbeatable." Some to most of their grocery prices are good, but they don't surpass all or the majority of supermarkets-by-trade.

I think most of the allure is the Walmart reputation of generally low prices, and the huge inventory of everything, vs just an aisle for books or office supplies like most food markets.

I will say though I love those shrimp poppers you can get there frozen, for like 1.50 a box.

Nowhere else. But their ready-made sandwiches suck, and the Wing Dings (when I feel like eating unhealthy) are almost always dry.


If you don't like it, get the *** out you whiney baby


I'll tell you why they don't have any baskets. They are probably tired of having them stolen or left all over the store by customers who can't put a single basket back.

Don't be mad at the store. Be mad at the customers who abused a privelage.

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