Springdale, Arkansas
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All you racist crackas complaining about not getting your *** for your bratty kids on "black friday" *** me off. You honky crackas label anything negative "black." Freakin sick and tired of it.

Black isn't anything negative, it is beautiful.

I think we should change the name to "white friday" since it is mostly rich white *** folks standing in line for hours on end at 4 AM in the morning just to get their brat kids a *** *** doll for cheap that they will end up tearin up and demanding more in the end. You crackas I so sick of you.

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Would a one way ticket to Keyna cure your ills?


She right because Walmart sale isn't on Friday. It's on Thursday and she has a right to freedom of speech.

This a complaint site and she does has the right to complain.

Girl don't stop complaining it's your rights, but don't fall in to the trap of calling racist names back.

Because everything you are fighting for just zero it out when you do. (That is what my Father has taught me and my brothers.) No one win then.


Stop calling people girls when you are obviously yourself six years old.


Ummm Black Friday is on Friday the day after Thanksgiving DUH!


Hey I am sorry I called it that in the middle of one of my compliance, but now that I look at it in another way. You are right that is racist statement.

It kind of *** me off! Is it okay for me to share your complain on my facebook. I am white, but my brothers are half and my dad full African Americans, the only man I called and deserves to be call dad or father.

Not even my real bio father can take that away from my dad. Why did they name it that and if you look and think about it, I feel you are correct.


Racist? Quit your b****ing!

Complaining about the title put on a day. What's next? Christmas should be called spoiled brat day?

Oh im sorry through your eyes it should be spoiled white brat day? :(


I agree with Zack's comments.I think black dontcrack is not black,just a "foo".


Actually Black Friday is called Black Friday because that's when their profits go out of the red and into the black. This probably is the most positive thing associated with anything black.


Attempting to post


Can someone PLEASE do something about the trolls on this site! Do they honestly have nothing better to do with their time???


Yey, call anyone you don't agree with a troll. That's what to do foo.

My complaints are totally legitimate. Walk a mile in my shoes.


Hey if it were not for the trolls on this site, it would not be popular. Besides some of the real complaints are just as silly as the troll ones.


Hey they have a lot of racist terms. Blackmail, blackmagic, dark arts. ect.

To the person that posted a reply to this complaint. This is not a real complaint. I think this is written by some white person who is trying to make blacks look bad. She purposely uses bad spelling and grammar and makes complaints about racism to make fun of blacks.

But then again children are also discriminated against. Like they have phrases with the word "child" for bad things, acting childish, kidnapping, child abuse :grin The only bad term they have with the word adult is adultry.


Shame on you, playing the race card. Why are you putting the blame on WalMart?

All the stores refer it to Black Friday. Also you really come across as rude and uneducated, using the language you used. If people want to stand in line for hours and wait for bargains that is their option, it isn't anybody's business.

It has never been my thing, but that is my choice. My guess is you are so bitter because you didn't get there in time to get some of the bargains you wanted.


Wrong she is trolling she has a habit of making fake complaints complaining about racism. She purposely uses bad spelling and grammar to make blacks look bad.


I was complaining about "black friday" in general, not just at Walmart. I just couldn't post it on every store complained about on here so I picked Walmart since they are the most racist.


How the *** is walmart the most racist?? Have you ever been to a walmart??

How many white employees do you see? Count them and then count how many forgiven non white employees you see then tell me is walmart racist you dumb black trash.