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In Oct. 2003, I fell on the Wal-Mart premise near my home, in McKinney, TX. That accident led to 2 back surgeries, hip and knee surgery and left me permanently partially disabled.

I sued them and for their defense, they portrayed their manager as the Citizen of the Year. The man lied on the stand and contradicted his deposition. Their attorney, in his closing arguments, used the emotion card by saying "She is very sympathetic and I know she had a hard time since she moved from Canada, but we are not a bank." He also said "She invented it all and made herself believe it really happened." They even claimed that I was just wasting time at Wal-Mart and that I was trespassing!! Everybody should know that according to their definition, Wal-Mart is the place to shop but if you are on the premise, you are trespassing!!

Their 2 witnesses went on about the Wal-Mart "culture". I have metal plates in my back and I can't feel my left leg anymore. I believe that the Wal-Mart culture is all about lying to cover up for their negligence and not take responsibility for anything.

If anything happens to you at a Wal-Mart, get yourself a good attorney (a better one than mine!) and don't forget to bring your video camera, in case you would trip and fall so you can document what happened even BEFORE you fell!

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Niles, Michigan, United States #6134
About 1yr go,I was fitted for a pair of eye glasses at your Wal-Mart Optical Dept.I told them EXACTLY what I wanted,got the prescription,picked out a frame,& decided to add some nice extras.I was buying myself a gift for my 72nd birthday.I don't really have allot of money,but since Idon't
get to buy nicethings,this time,I wanted to get some with extras.I had to settle for their suggestions.After I picked up my new glasses,I ended up with a terrible health problem,& called them from the hospital,telling them that I wasn't happy with the glasses,but was unable to get to the store.They were ok with it & said they would put a note in my box.When my glasses were replaced,the"temple" was broken,when I opened the case-because the case was much too small.They replaced them.I had several different problems with them,& because I treated.Every time I went em, (after their adjustments to the glasses,)Ialways had to retutn when the manager was there.I kept missing her & time passed.They finally mailed them to me.I was told that the warrenty time was no longer in effect,& I would get no more help.When I at last got the glasses,I found that the lens don't even fit the frames.I have NEVER worn these & I feel that I have been taken,big time by the incompetency of this optical joint ! I paid too much money,to be so unhappy.Is this the way Wal-Mart want their reputation in my city.I spend allot of money there,bypassing our local businesses.I am VERY UNHAPPY with this whole mess.It has taken a year to finally get my product because of the system here.I asked for my money back-quite a while ago,& was refused.I paid almost $1000,for something I can't use,& I have VERY BAD feelings about this mess.Now,is there any way that you can help me get a refund? I need some empathy & understanding.Please phone me at (906)632-3888.Thanks.Beverly (Sorry I am having trouble writing in thissmall space,but I believe that my email is inderstandable.)HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK !

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