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Roll back prices are a joke, I travel all over the country and visit many different Walmart stores. A lot of the products are already being sold at rollback prices, their marking them up and then back down to there regular price.

Their calling this a rollback, watch the product pricing while your shopping you'll see what I'm talking about. One week it will be 2.50 and then 2.88, then you'll see it again labeled as rollback at 2.50.

I'm considering recording this via pictures and/or video, consumers need to be aware of the scams that company's are using. Check it out for yourself, together we can stop them.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I liked: Deli.

I didn't like: Employees attitudes.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1338481

Walmart plays fast and loose with prices all the time. In the two Walmarts in my area they do not put the price of items on the shelf often enough that it cannot be an oversight and very often the price scanned is higher than the price labelled.

You really need to watch your items as they are being scanned or you will be scammed at checkout. This is the reality of Walmart.

The bottom line is that Walmart fails in trustworthyness and while you "think" you are paying lower prices by shopping at Walmart, your chances of being scammed are higher than at other stores. Best to shop elsewhere.


they also use "roll back" to disguise price increases--they lower price then afterwards when raise back up its higher than orig price

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