Springdale, Arkansas
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Honky *** foos all treating me like dirt but treats the welfare crackas good. *** white foo was in front of me in the checkout today paying with food stamps and the white foo checkout girl was all smiling and being chatty with her but when she got to me she barely said a word and didn't even bother to greet me.

She also assumed I would be paying with food stamps and treated me like a common criminal.

I never been on welfare in my life and I work for my money, but because I am black I get treated like dirt no matter what. Honky *** foos so sick of them all!!

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so sorry for the way you were treated .I am white and i treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of race . you might have mentioned this to management too.


Please visit the birth control section


Your street corner must be thriving to be able to have cash for walmart.


Oh god. You blacks think we owe you something because of the past.

Cry me a river build a bridge and get the *** over it. You *** and moan about the littlest things you're at Walmart. What did you think was going to happen?

That you were going to get some 5 star service. Shut the *** up no one gives two *** s.


You blacks? C'mon, what a way to place EVERY BLACK PERSON LIVING OR DEAd in this man's shoes.

Let it be about THIS man.. not EVERY black person. I don't believe ANYONE who I have not loaned money to. owes me anything.

I am black, So therefore your statement is deemed False and irrelevant. So let's scratch that from the board, shall we?


Black people feel YOU owe them something? Owe them what, exactly?

What is it that possess that a black person would want from you? Pale skin, that burns with sun and wrinkles by 34? NO! Chicken *** no backbone?

NO! Bland, unimaginative lives? NO! Two left feet, couldn't carry rythem or tune in a bucket?

NO! Theft of everything good and created by others .. INCLUDING land, identity, and people? NO!

Listen man, even if a black person felt they were owed something, they sure aren't looking to collect from you. I enjoy my life, I have a great job, beautiful family, smart, sexy shapely wife WITH *** (no shots) and natural breast (no silicone), and children who can think for themselves, LOVE themselves and their parents, who I expect will NOT be building bombs to blow up other children or animals or their parents! Life is good. So chill with that.

I know for A FACT NO BLACK PERSON HAS ASKED YOU TO PAY for the wrongdoing of your forefathers. Who F does that?


around here all the WELARE folk are MEXICANS!! Moms,dads,grandparents all taking CABS TO USED the stamps.

They take forever to PAY they hide stuff in the overstuffed carts. lOSS PREVENTION often has to come over and the kids 3-6 running all over the place (as a distractions)


True dat! I don't like beaners either. Freaking border bunnies hopping into this country and getting stuff just handed to them that we black folks had to spend decades fighting for.


Good thing they dont' have to hop anymore. BORDER IS WIDE OPEN! SO IS YOUR MOUTH NOW TAKE THIS Dikkkkkkkkkkkkk!


Take a speech class! What is a Foo?


Grow up!!!!!