I have been shopping at Walmart since they started in business. They go out of their way to help.

The product availability is fantastic. Everything is great, EXCEPT they pipe in head banger motown (music?). this is the music professor Povlov used to confuse his subjects. The person in charge of the music on the Walmart PA.

system is a fan of Rap and Head banger This music is made to confuse, irritate and Dumbdown, It's Working . Many people have complained to various store managers and to a person they have stated they have no control over what corporate Walmart puts on the P.A.

system. I have asked all age of Walmart employes their opinion and none of them will speak bad of Walmart but they don't like the( music?)

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #917853

They need the music to cover up the sex sounds of the skanks f*cking in the bathroom stalls. wm needs to quit building stores in the hood.

to ashamed Orange, California, United States #917882

Where else are they going to ***. I mean come on, they cannot really afford a hotel room now can they?

Orange, California, United States #917327

I have issues with their music too, they play Michael Jackson songs. Michael Jackson was a child molester which means they support child molesters. I complained about this and the said the same thing the music is from home office.

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