Biola, California

I first feel that they should shut the Wal-mart in Lakewood WA. down for good.

The act as ofif the don't want to be there for one. There customer service stunk. I wanted a cell phone. One kid walked off.

The girl talked with a customer on the phone while helping me. So rude. Then needless to say. I returned the phone, and went to a place that assisted me.

Next time and any other time. I will drive to the next cites before I ever return to this location. I only came here because I didn't need much.

And they still managed to *** They should investigate there customer service skills. They may make a profit.

Monetary Loss: $142.

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The amount of grammar and spelling errors in 90% of these responses (as well as the post itself) are almost more ridiculous than the staffing at 90% of the Walmart stores nationwide. Education will set you free children! :grin


You go around referring to the employees as "kid" and "girl" when you spell like a child. Seriously I am sure that even a four year old knows how to spell simple words such as "as" and "if". If any place should be shut down and investigated it should be your school if you actually graduated elementary school let alone high school.


First of all to the dummy that said she was on the cell phone. Learn how to read.

She was not on her cell phone. She was on the phone with another customer. I told her to get off the phoneand help me because customers in the store are more important than those on the phone. She got rude and said to wait.

I did not wait, instead I went elsewhere where they were happy to serve me. Learn how to read.


I'm sure Walmart corporate would not approve of paying employees to be on their cell phones while on the clock.


In recent months, there's been a steady stream of customers who've stopped shopping Walmart (WMT). Now, a recently released Consumer Reports survey of more than 30,000 American shoppers details exactly what's *** off Walmart shoppers.

Why Walmart Customers Rank the Chain Second to Last


Carol Tice


It turns out Walmart shoppers are so dissatisfied with their shopping experience they rated the chain next to last, with Kmart the only store getting a worse satisfaction rating. Among the findings: On Walmart's key appeal factor -- price -- survey respondents rated 10 other retailers at least as good, including Sears (SHLD), Dillard's (DDS), and JC Penney (JCP). So much for Walmart's "Always low prices -- always" slogans and dedication to being the low-price leader.

Complaints about Walmart were legion: Nearly three-quarters of shoppers had at least one thing to complain about regarding their Walmart experience, and half had two or more complaints. Among them: poor quality in categories such as apparel.

Dillard's stood out for customer service, while Walmart and its membership-warehouse chain Sam's Club tied with Kmart for stores where shoppers were unhappiest with service levels.

Long checkout lines were a factor customers didn't like at Walmart, Kmart and Midwestern superstore chain Meijer.

It seems that even happy Walmart shoppers have a complaint or two. After commenting that they generally have a positive experience at Walmart, one blogger reacting to the study noted recently, "Their beef is terrible... and produce is usually overpriced. But I save bunches on everything else!"

The results stood in contrast to the top rankings snagged by Costco (COST), which earned outstanding scores for merchandise quality, exceptional value and great selection.

Walmart president and CEO Mike Duke has been talking up the company's commitment to consumer research and "listening to the customer" lately. The company could save some money on R&D and use this report as a textbook for what to change at Walmart that might help them retain the customers who are straggling away as the recession ends. But oops -- Sam's Club's plan is to cut staff levels, not increase them.

Toughest of all may be changing public perception that there are lowest prices elsewhere. Walmart would seem to be knocking itself senseless on that point, but apparently the message still isn't getting through.

Walmart Customer Service Stinks

Retailer competes in many categories, and flunks almost all

By Cynthia Wilson, Consumer Finance & Funds Writer

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) may feature a greeter at door to welcome customers to the retailer, but many Walmart retail shoppers indicate that is hardly enough.

In a Consumer Reports investigation on customer service, the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer and its wholesale retail cousin Sam’s Club, were rated among the worst for customer service. In fact, Walmart and Sam’s were among the worst for customer service in eight industries including appliances, electronics, cell phones and supermarkets.

In the report, one Walmart shopper recounts how a poorly trained and dismissive sales associate insisted that her purchase of the wrong version of a Bible could not be returned because company policy didn’t allow returned books. After 20 minutes and the sales associate’s inability to produce the policy, the reluctant sales associate discovered it could be returned and funds returned to the customer’s charge card.

In tough times, the number of people available to help retail customers usually diminishes. But many Americans believe companies are deliberately making it harder to contact them by burying phone numbers of company websites, diverting phone calls, and steering customers online for answers. When was the last time you telephoned a company’s customer service center and had a human being answer?

In all fairness, Walmart probably was listed in so many categories for poor customer service because is it one of the few retailers that competes in so many sectors, specializes in low-priced items, and its stores are so large, a lap or two around it could amount to a mile’s walk.

But could its subpar service have contributed to Walmart’s stagnant U.S. sales last year? It’s true that many Walmart customers like one-stop shopping and may be willing to give up a little personal attention for the savings that come with cheap prices and bulk purchases. But I doubt that any shopper who isn’t competing to be the next American Idol wants to spend their money with a retailer that allows inaction, long waits and snippy responses from its staff.

Of course, Walmart wasn’t the only big name company to *** its customers off. The report also shares tales of frustrated customers getting bad customer service from AT&T (NYSE:T) and Dell (NASDAQ:DELL). But that should be of little comfort to Walmart or any retailer when its customers can go elsewhere.

If you think they aren’t, read the report which says that 64% of the survey’s respondents said that during the last 12 months they’ve left a store because the service was poor. Sixty- seven percent hung up customer service because their problem wasn’t addressed. In this age of social media, retailers should beware. If they aren’t willing to listen to customers complaints, I’m sure that visitors to social websites, such as privately-held Facebook Inc., Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and YouTube, certainly are.

As of this writing, Cynthia Wilson did not own a position in any of the stocks named here.


"They should investigate there customer service skills.They may make a profit."

Wal-Mart is consistantly number 1 or 2 on the Fortune 500 list. How about you start up a company that ranks makes more profit than them and then you can start giving advice? Just a thought...


Hey Simon-

So by your criteria, the only people who should be giving advice are the ones who start a #1 Fortune 500 company? And you are giving us this wisdom in the form of - advice?

While Walmart is #1 on the F500, this list is only based on companies on the US stock exchange, and it's main criteria is sales. If the list was oriented towards profit (which is a fundamental criteria on how healthy a company is), they would be much, much lower - and apparently sinking. So perhaps they should be concerned with customer service - their CEO apparently is, by his own comments...


This comment is actually about helping rather than the ignorant inbred anonymous of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When an employee is using their cell phone while on the clock is strictly forbidden.

Call the 1-800 number for walmart and give them the name of the employee and let them know that, that employee was using their cell phone while working.

It is the employees job to help you find the cell phone you want and answer any questions you have it is NOT your job like the ignorant inbred anonymous of Sioux Falls, South Dakota indicated. It is clear that anonymous and LadyScot are siblings, their parents are brother and sister a family of *** whoremongers.


You should investigate your spelling/typing skills. Furthermore, you should have an idea what you want in the line of a cell phone, and you can do some investigating online before going to the store. If you feel you need a fair amount of help in things like that, maybe you should consider going to a cell phone store, instead of a discount store.


Hi Anonymous-

Do you really thing that the Walmart strategy should be to only pick the low hanging fruit of sales, and leave the rest to other more qualified operations, or perhaps educate themselves and go after more? Maybe they would make better margins by concentrating on selling to the neophyte - because it's certain that the people who don't need help also know the absolute lowest price and best deals in every store, and will generate the lowest margins. In any case, this decision should not be made by retail clerks in the store, but market analysts in Bentonville.

I'm still curious as to why you seem to be the new person assigned to tell any Walmart complainer to "Shut the *** up, and be glad we sell you something!" Is LadyScot on vacation? Are you covering Walgreens too, or just Walmart? Are these questions ever going to get answered?

It would not be a bad thing if Walmart had an official responder - but I imagine they would be a tad more subtle when telling us to shut the *** up...


I hate to use the dam word, but son, you really shut them down!!!!

Great job.

Let's see NOW if you (and we are waiting, too) get answers.