Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I took my vehicle in for a routine oil change at Walmart in early Jan 2011. During the oil change, I did some shopping in the store.

Unfortunately, I got the oil changed but had my IPOD stolen from the compartment between the two front seats. They also took the cord connecting the IPOD to the sound system.

I did not discover the IPOD missing for a week or so, so it makes it difficult to prove -- this is what these dishonest employees conunt on. Beware, do not leave your valuables unsecured in the car duing a Walmart oil change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $195.

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OK so if you had noticed right away then I'd be pissed. Anything can happen in a week not necessiarly Walmart!


:grin dude all we steal is the obvious pot and drugs that you keep in your cups holders and glove compartments. you keep rolls of $100 bills in your cup holder because its to much to put it in your wallet?

dude on top of minimum wage ive taken maybe....$3,000 worth of stuff from peoples cars who come in because they are incredibly ***. not to mention almost all of that $3,000 is drugs that people just left plain as day up front. whos going to report that we stole $500 worth of pot from your car?

no one hahahaha! dumb fools


I worked at a service center there,I saw alot of other service employees stealing out of the cars all the time,some were dealing drugs out of there,they mess cars up,put the wrong size tires on,if you care about your vehicle take it somewhere else.