Saltsburg, Pennsylvania

every time i go to walmark .. there are never any electric carts ,, at the uniontown,pa 15401 store..

i've been there a number of times and but 2x i've got a cart when i went in .. today i waited 1 hour for a electric cart and there sitting there on a electric cart at the mc donald,s eating with whatever.. if there going to that i think they should have to give there electric cart up.. i could have had my shopping done already buy the time that they got done eating..

take them dam mc,' donnald out .. they need to get more electric carts.. today there were 3 carts with bags on them . they were broken down are soon going to loose my shopping with your store..

i will go some where else .. i know you don't care i'm only one person so say so what.. one gone.. i was setting with a older lady and there was no cart for her either and her daughter did it and got the wrong things she wanted and she this awful there are no carts and she made several trips with a grocery cart to get what she wanted ..her daughter was not to happy ..i'm not the only one butching about this..

i love shopping at your store for i get great veg's fresh i have kidney problems and i have to eat fresh vegs and meats .. the plus is i don't have to go anywhere to to get other things like clothes, auto work and just plain shopping any where else for i can't get in and out car to well right now.. i just do it all at one time .. but i think its awful to wait a 1 to 1/2 hrs.

for a cart ,, there were two older men at mc 'donald having coffee and the girl told me that i was next ..the cart came and 2 other men came out and said they were first and i said ok.. so i waited for the next one they got into all most a fight and the walmark greeting person stop the fight before swing of canes starts.. i'm really heated up over this.. i would like a letter back to see if this can be looked into..

don drew 4430 morgantown road, lake lynn, pa 15451..

this just shouldn't be happing all the time i shop there maybe every now and then. this could happen...

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Buy your own cart if you need one so bad.


Lose some weight fat *** and maybe you'd be able to walk around the store like most other people. Being fat and lazy is not an excuse for complaining about not having a cart to use.


Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted your complaint. Posting it again only makes us care less about it.