Saint Petersburg, Florida
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My husband and I are both elderly,and disabled. we need the cart to ride around the store to shop.

There are never enough of them. Please Walmart get some more carts for the disabled. We spend alot at your store on tyrone blvd, in St. Pete Florida.

They only have 6 carts, and if something isn't done we will have to shop elsewhere,Publics has about 20 carts and their stores are pleasent to shop at. Your stores are cheaper, but without carts to ease our shopping experience, we cannot go shopping.

How bout please fix this. thank you

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Your beef shouldn't be with Wal-Mart--it should be with the morbidly obese people who need a ride 50 feet away to the soda and potato chip isle because they're afraid to break a sweat.


At our store someone rode a motorized cart out to their vehicle and then backed over it. Most people using the carts are overweight. They have candy, chips, soda and prescriptions in the baskets.


Stores are under no obligation to provide these carts. They are costly to purchase and to maintain.

So many times people use and abuse them because they just dont feel like walking. I worked for over 6 years and so many times you would see people weighing over the 250 pound weight limit on these carts.

These destroy and break down the carts.

The solution is to pruchase your own cart. If you are so disabled that you cannot walk around a store, you should purchase your own cart to improve your mobiity.