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(my mother and i were shopping for some supplies to make easter baskets. we couldn't find the chocolate bunnies, so i stopped an employee to ask.)

Me: "Excuse me, where do you keep the chocolate bunnies?"

Employee: "Que?"

Me: (gesturing bunny ears with my hands) "Bunnies, the chocolate kind; you put them in baskets?

Employee:"Que? En Espanol por favor."

Me:(incredibly iritated, this is the 3rd time i've had this type of problem at this store.) "vacaciones! chocolate vacaciones! i no deberían tener que hablar *** usted en español! esta es mi patria! Cursos de Inglés!"

Employee:oh, conejitos de chocolate, nave 13, el hombre

Mom:"No! in english!

Employee:"Lo siento, pero no hablan Inglés"

Me:"C'mon, mom, we'll just get up early tomorrow so the kids don't wake up without baskets."

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What did u aspect with the salary they pay!!! lucky to get a real person.... soon you will find a robot, they don't go bathroom and make no unions


The third time it has happened....you just keep coming back for more. Don't shop at Wal Mart!!! Unless you like there wonderful service and employees


:grin Ya ***. You should go back to the store and apologize. Or are you too good for that?


I think you are right about the Easter Bunny visiting them on a regular basic. I think she is even having the Easter Bunny's child.


The reason the employee didn't know what the *** you were talking about is because Walmart doesn't sell chocolate bunnies in August! Do you have a clue when Easter is????

I think the Easter bunny visits you on a regular basis...cukoo!!

Also, if you understand Spanish, then why harass the employee like that.

Just converse in Spanish. You are a DUMB***!


However the manager is wrong. It is Halloween that follows in March April. :zzz


Ally Nicole

How many times have I told you to not mix your meds with beer. See now if you took my advice you would know that Easter falls in October. :grin




I just talked to the manager and he said he did not have any Easter Stuff. He told me that Easter is in March, April.

Maybe in Mexico where he comes from, but not in the U.S.A. It's in August dummy. Even if it were in March April I would not be able to give them to my children because they were in foster care at the time because CPS thinks I am unfit and have a drug problem.

I never use drugs around my children. Yeah, sometimes I may be tired and unable take care of them, but I never used drugs in their presence.