They issued a notice as of July 20, 2020 no one without a mask will be allowed into the store. There is no legal medical reason for these limitations.

When I called to discuss this I was told that this is a mandate per Gov.

Newsom and Corp. Headquarters and nothing could be done about it.

User's recommendation: Boycott.

Location: Redding, California

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I have the exact same health conditions you allege to have. I wear a mask just fine.

You CAN wear a mask. You're just putting up a fuss bc it gives you something to whine and complain about.


Anyone who claims to not be healthy enough to be able to wear a simple little mask, for only a few mins, is NOT the person who should be elected to do the family shopping.


They are doing plenty. You can stay at home and shop on Walmart.com


If you have those types of medical conditions you should not be out shopping anyway! You are already at a higher risk why would you chance it?


Isn't that my chance to take and none of your business if you are afraid then you stay home


Actually most of us will wear a mask for 45 minutes and shop. It is you that will be at home. But hey, at least you can say "i fought the man!"


It's not about fear. It's about getting the economy back up and running again.

Businesses have the LEGAL RIGHT to refuse to serve anyone who is won't comply with their rules.

Especially when the violation of their rules is reasonably deemed to be putting others at risk. The end.

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