Windham, Maine
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They are paying people to go on their online shopping site to post phony reviews of products to dupe the public into buying them.

One such product I purchased was a Ping Pong table and I admit I got taken by the reviews and the price of $169.00, which after I paid extra for shipping and the tax it came out to over $180.00 that is completely loss because I have no way of getting the table to a store for a refund nor can it be picked up to be delivered back to them because it lays in ruin under my closet stair well.

I was almost seriously hurt trying to put this table together as it weighs over 145 lbs. The table collapse on me while I was underneath it assembling it, because it cannot even hold it's own weight.

They do not even check what they sell to the public, they buy this junk by the ship load for pennies on the dollar and it's all about selling it on the cheap, yet they still make a fortune.

We have become a nation of 'professional consumers' controlled by the MBA's like robots, selling cheap foreign made products and telling us our vote really matter.

America was founded on a lie and by fraud and some 200 + years later it's still business as usual.

Monetary Loss: $181.

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So you can't assemble a simple ping-pong table and you blame everyone from Wal-Mart to our founding fathers. It sounds as if you are dissatisfied with both.

I suggest not shopping at Wal-Mart and getting your whiny *** out of the country you hate. We won't miss you.


I hope you realize they know the real secret about that so called American Dream, it's only while sleep.

That's what the 'real owners' of the country count on, the fact that most Americans will remain willfully ignorant of the Big red, white and blue d--k being shoved up their *** almost daily.


I'm aware of it. I just don't bend over for it, therefore don't get it.

My life is perfectly fine just the same.

Perhaps an aluminum foil hat would help you. It may prevent overreaction to trivial things.


I hear you Mike.

But seriously no tin foil needed.

Normally I never run my mouth, I've spent my life being a good cooperative serf.

Lesson comes hard for some.

(I'm embarrass as I know better)


Why didn't you have it upside down while assembling it, then when you got done get somebody to help you turn it right side up. More than likely the fact that the table collapsed on you while you were assembling it, doesn't mean something was wrong with the table, it was probably the fault of the person assembling it, not having done something right or tight enough and if you bumped it just a little bit if something was wrong with the way you put it together, that would be your fault.

Why can't you load the pieces up and return them to the store? A lot of what you order online can be returned to the store.


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