Raleigh, North Carolina
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on 8/20/2010 i went to walmart in mt olive nc me and my mom went in to take back a footlocker her id was two years expired and i had three returns on my id so the customer service women said if we can find some one to use their id shell take it back my mom was told to ask people to see if they would take it back by customer service person at walmart . they called the police saying we had stolen goods in the footlocker we i open it for the police their was nothing in there so they wanted to search my vehicle ihey found nothing stolen i will never go back to that walmart

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So sorry for my previous comments my mom was sucking on my co.,ck and I was annoyed and had to take it out on somebody. Gotta go mom is calling me to come su.,ck on her tiddies.


What in the WORLD are you ranting about? That was probably THE most ignorant and most *** thing I have EVER read.

The ENTIRE post was one large run on. You want to know WHY they called the police? YOU HAD AN EXPIRED LICENSE. If you're trying to purchase something, they have A RIGHT to search you.

ESPECIALLY if you already had multiple returns on your ID.

It's called *** suspicion you idiotic inbred. Get out of the United States and let's get some more EDUCATED individuals here.


aactually the police are pigs, they are involved in framing me they took walmarts side they placed the stoled items in my footlocker and car to make me look like a thief they framed me when i went back later to get some cough syrup they made fake video tapes along with security which shows me taking stolen goods from the floor where the pigs said i hid them to my car, this did not happened they also made fake video tape of me going from the store to the car with stolen goods this was not true because i had nothing in my hands and they faked a tape putting someting in my hands with tecknology.



Seriously?? Where in the WORLD did you come up with THAT?

Seriously, lay off the pot and get over yourself. Get a job, and an education. BOTH of you! It makes me SICK looking at all these posts with such little education.

I am appalled. (Which you probably don't even know the definition..)