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i think they should help you save when that is their is saving money,if they honor them you should get credit off your groceries.not give them to the cashier and then they trash them and the consumer loses money off their of shopping was 2-18-2011 at the hazard location.i was not given credit for one of my coupons and did not know until i left or i would have told the cashier at the time.i should not have to tell anyone that is their job to satisfie the customer or they would not have a job.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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:cry :cry :cry Unreal. why don't you do like the rest of the people who use coupons and watch the $1.00 dollar come off your bill. The time you waste writing a *** complaint like this is well worth a lousy dollar you ***...

Dumbest complaint ever.

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