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Wal-Mart is going down the tubes. They really don't care about their customers, especially their handicapped ones.

Since the first of the year, I've been to their store in Ammon, ID over a dozen times and now it's been six times I couldn't find a handicapped parking place, nor did they have a motorized shopping cart available. I had to park further away than normal every time, and when I got into the lobby of the store no electric cart. This last time I asked the store customer greeter Jim, a tall, thin and old guy, five times to get the manager for me. He simply stared ahead at the doors and totally ignored me.

The sixth time, I asked him in a threatening tone to call the manager, he finally did. When the manager Justin finally arrived, I explained things to him and that it's the sixth time they've had no electric cart available. Of course he said he was sorry and got on his radio and checked around if there were any in the lot, etc. He said they have eight, and two were in for repairs', so 25% of his fleet was down and out for a week I found.

I asked him to check on those and he disappeared to never return. I just left wasting a half hour.

With all the wounded warriors returning and being released from hospitals, they should realize there are going to be more people than ever requiring those facilities. The attitude of the store greeters, if you want to call him that, the manager and Wal-Mart employees overall is poor and isn't improving, and that all reflects back on management. Saying sorry just doesn't cut it anymore.

They should just act and accomplish something. I just don't shop there anymore, and no handicapped person should until they correct things.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So exactly how many motorized carts are required for your satisfaction? A parking lot is only so big, are you saying that handicapped shoppers are the only ones who should matter?

Your whole complaint is ridiculous. If there are no carts available its because they are in use by customers who arrived before you did. There are also plenty of handicapped parking spaces and just like all other parking spaces, if somebody gets there before you then you'll either have to wait or park somewhere else.

You are no better than anyone else. Get over yourself.


They should have enough to take care of their clients, that's how many, you figure it out, or can't you? They always have enough push carts for you Mr.

riddiculous, don't they? So you don't have to wait there 30 or 60 minutes do you? If they would have repaired the two that were setting there for a week I wouldn't have had to wait. Could you not figure that out?

No there are not enough HC parking places, if there were, I wouldn't have had to walk an extra 40-50 yards with a cane. You should get under yourself, and put your head where it belongs.


So if they have a thousand handicapped customers that shop there on a regular basis then they should supply 1000 motorized carts and at least the same amount of handicapped parking spaces? A bit unrealistic don't ya think?

Where exactly would they store all these carts and keep them charged up? Their parking lots are only so big, how many handicapped spaces can they put up front? If they added more then they have to be moved further away from the front of the store which defeats the whole purpose. Not everyone is handicapped and stores try to accommodate ALL customers.

You sound very selfish. You obviously can't deal with any type of critsism so if you don't want peoples opinions then don't post *** complaints.


I like good constructive criticism (spelt right), but when you make *** and unrealistic assumptions and comments, I just can't help but to correct you. A 1000 motorized carts and parking places?

That sounds just like you, unrealistic, you said it, I didn't. You have to figure out the second question as you constructed it. The longer distance wouldn't bother me as I've already been doing it, what about you lame brain. Thank God not everyone is handicapped, but you seem to be, and you don't have a handicapped parking pass.

I really feel sorry for you. Maybe I can help you out in that department. One suggestion. Don't comment on something you know nothing about and cannot make one good constructive comment or suggestion on the subject.

You're the dumb one that shouldn't be commenting on anything from the way you sound and write. Someday you might be in my position, and then you might gain a little humanity. You never addressed any one thing that I mentioned and there was a problem with at the Wal-Mart store. That's probably because you work there.

You sound like an uncaring and unresponsive like a store employee. It figures.

Just keep trying to distort everything in your own warped mind, you just keep digging yourself in deeper. Next!


Let me help you to write correctly so you don't sound so dumb calling other people dumb for their errors:. There is no such word as "spelt", it should be "spelled".

1000 does not need the word "a" in front of it. The way you have it, it reads "a one thousand motorized carts", which just doesn't make sense. It should be either just 1000, or a thousand. Your third sentence doesn't make any sense.

I think what you are trying to say is "that sounds unrealistic, like you said" or "that sounds, like you said, unrealistic". "What about you lame brain" is a question and should end in a question mark. In the sentence "You sound like an uncaring and unresponsive like a store employee", your comparison word is missing.

The fact of the matter is that with the exception of a hospital or pharmacy, most businesses have more able bodied clients than handicapped clients, and they have to be taken care of as well. The store provides the cart as a courtesy to their customers with disabilities, but when one breaks they cannot just snap their fingers and have it fixed, and there are only so many spaces available that make sense for handicap parking.

After that, it is out of the stores control. Yes, there are more wounded warriors coming back, but there are programs in place to help them get their own motorized cart if necessary. My dad came back and wad provided with one at no charge to him, so he never had to use the ones provided by the store.

In fact, it has been my experience as a casual observer that it usually is not the truly disabled customers that throw a fit over there not being enough carts. It is usually the ones that just don't want to have to walk all the way through the store.


They are NOT required to carry those so you put your head where it belongs. If you needed a cart that bad then you would have arrived at a time that wasn't so busy.

Some grocery stores around here only carry 2-4 motorized carts. Those things are more expensive. I would know because my ex works at a place that makes those push around carts. They have to call in someone to repair those carts, and sometimes it can take a few days.

Arrive at a time when it's not busy and you will even get a better parking space.

Do something for yourself instead of blaming the world for your problems.


No, you miss the point, I don't need to be up front, and I don't want to kick someone out. That's your warped conclusion.

If your going to have handicapped parking, have enough for the traffic you generate and have enough carts to do the job or get rid of them all. Don't have people not able to find HC parking or not have carts so then can shop. What are people, to do waste an hour waiting for a cart. It's easier to go to WINCO or Fred Meyer where there are always enough carts along with Albertson's.

No waiting!

Your the loser! Not my disabilities, yours!


Look, walmart isn't required to provide those electric carts, they do so as a courtesy and they are on a first come first serve basis. Also, it is not the store associates who break them, it Is the customers who use them.

What exactly do you expect the store to do about no handicap parking? Kick some of the other handicap people out so you have a place to park up front? If you were in my store, I would have kicked you out anyway when you used a threatening time with one of my associates.

You said yourself he was an old guy so did it ever cross your mind he could not hear well? Maybe you think your own disabilities are the only ones that should be compensated for?