Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My husband and I visited our local Walmart the other day. We got a couple of items then headed to the check outs. I decided to pick up

my cigs while we were there. We got into one of the express lines and asked the cashier for my cigs. The cashier told my that she

couldn't sell them to my on that particular register. I would have to go to register 14. I said what ever and took all of my unpaid

items to register 14. When we got to register 14 there was already two large orders in that line. I then walked over to the csm podium

to ask them weather I can buy my cigs at any other register. She said only at the service desk, but that had a long line. I told her

that this is very bad customer service where I had to leave the 20 items or less line to stand in another line with two large orders

in front of me to get my cigs. The csm told me too bad, and I stormed back to the express line. At this time, there was only one open

(the one I had before left). So I had to wait another ten minutes. When I finally got to the cashier, she asked me how my day was. I

told her about how rude the workers are and how much I hate Walmart. Her reply was that she was sorry. I snapped back saying she

shouldn't have asked if she wasn't going to like my answer. The cashier didn't say nothing more and just gave me my slip. If Walmart

wants to treat their customers like that. Fine. I won't be one of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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If u would be able to buy cigs at any register then u would be pissed when the cashier spend 4 mins holding u up while she walks to register 14 to get probably the wrong cigs for the person in front of u. Cigarettes are crazy expensive at walmart. Swing by sheetz instead.


Wait in line like everyone else.

When I want a burger, but the drive-thru is full, guess what? I don't buy the burger, or I wait in line.

But then again; I'm not fatally addicted to burgers like you are to Nicotine.


Really Lady grow the heck up already if you would have said that to me I would have gotten a manager and refused your sale then you really wouldn't have your "Cigs" and why snap at the cashier its not her fault your an ***!


What did you expect the cashier who asked you about your day to do? This is why people just stop asking because they will get yelled at no matter what.