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I was recently looking for an item, and walmart said they carried it. I looked online and it said it was available in stores.

I went to my local walmart, in fort worth tx, and they did not have the item. no surprise. but what did make me upset was the manager Brenda gave me a completely different item and said thats what theie system referenced. the item was not at all the same, i was looking for a wireless router so the functions needed to be specific.

I then looked online and had them call the crowley store which also said it carried it. they too did not carry the item. They finally found it located thirty min away in arlington, but is $50 more! Onlines price was $75, the stores was $120.

Walmart has an option to go site to store which would allow me to pick it up at any location for the online price of $75, but i would not recieve it for 2 weeks! When I asked why I could not recieve the online price, I was told by walmarts #800 customer service that they are two complete entitys. That would be a fine explaination but you can purchase online and return in stores, so therefore thier inventory is all the same, except no one updates it. Shipping an item from a warehouse to a store and giving me a $50 discount doesnt make any sence especially when the product is already on the shelf.

save the shipping costs, and let the customer have the exact item that is advertised for $75 online and everyone wins. walmart just likes to be right, and does not care about customer service. Having two different services under one name should force companys to be accountable for what each service is doing. If stores and online are completely seperate then they should never state that a product is available in a specific store thru thier online site.

This makes walmart and walmart online look like the same company. This is an unethical company for more reasons then I choose to write about, but they are getting to the point of ridiculouness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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i work for walmart the first thing they drill in our heads as a cashier we don't price match online ads other walmarts or .


This is a miss-communication error on the part of the website, when it says that it is in stock it means that the item is available to be ordered and will be shipped to the store promptly, the item is actually in stock at a warehouse, I have had this problem answering this problem until I myself was looking for an item that was in stock, but it does not imply that it is in stock at your local store. This is only a miss translation of the services because the website also implies that when ordering it it will be at the location in a certain time.

But you are right they do not care about customer service, it is a meat market and a labor exploit. Walmart also does not compete with itself in price, also they do not compete with the a BX because that is a spoil of being in the military and is tax free. The web based store does not have third party representation to pay other than shipping you might sometimes just be better off having it shipped to your home depending on the distance. If you are having problems with the store calling and saying they carry it, they might have carried it, and the reader is telling them that it's there because sometimes the stock of an item is a returned item being claims out, sent back to manufacturer, sometimes it could be in the back stocked in a box and they just can't locate it, other times the item might be circulating in the store, often it has been stolen and the package has been left behind, or lastly if you called them on the phone they probably just told you it was there to shut you up, because then you will come into the store and buy what you weren't even looking for.

Honestly there are many variables that are possible for your scenario.


you shouldn't even be using a router if you can't even understand how to use the internet.


I always look on this site, and you are always being a *** to other people, maybe you should buy a new heart, yours is cracked would it be a issue, to be kind for once?


When you look at items on their website it also gives you an option to check and see if it is available in your local stores. This is very easy to do.

In some instances it says that the available stock is limited, which means that by the time you get to the store they could have sold out. As far as prices in the store being higher than what they are online, it doesn't apply to all items, and it probably depends on the location that they originate at before being shipped to the store. It stands to reason that items in the store would be higher than online because of shipping costs. When it comes to shipping costs, just as an example here in South Dakota a gallon of milk is fifty cents higher in a town 100 miles north of where I live.

Also not all items that you order from their web site can be shipped to the store and not all of them can be returned to the store either. I have ordered many things online and have never had any problems with returning them.

I am just really careful to make sure it is items that can be returned to the store, because it is too far to take a cab to any location to ship items. I guess I don't see your problem being so serious that a person would have to be angry about it.