Bakersfield, California
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Ordered a new fridge for an apartment I rent to a disabled lady and it was supposed to arrive Dec 23 which was important because her grandchildren was coming for Xmas, On the 24th I get an email it has been delayed until the 27th. It originally shipped from Fresno CA; a 2 hour drive to it destination in Bakersfield.

Ruined her holiday. It was ordered Dec15th so IF it arrive on the 27th it took them 12 days to move it a 2 hour drive.

I had other options but ordered from Walmart .com based on delivery date. No response to messages and calls; jerks, They do not care,

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I doubt it "ruined" her holiday. Not getting a fridge is not going to "ruin" someone's holiday. If it did it just shows how people are connected more to material things than family.