I first ask someone at the pharmacy what my meds. would cost is I changed over to their store, I was told about $80.00.

I went in with a empty with all the info on it so they can transfer my perscription from another named store to this one. They read the bottle and filled out the perscription infomation onto a fax page to send to my doctor for the transfer, and again I asked the cost of the meds and was told about $80.00. The transfer went thru but I was told the cost was now $117.00, up $37.00. I told the person in charge and they said I had to pay the money.

I told them I would have stayed with the other named store because I got it there for $95.00. They called the other store and told me that they would only match their price and not honor what they told me twice. Plus, that they were only going to do it the one time. Now I have to go and get things changed back to the other named store.

Wal-Mart lied to me, them the stole from me my not honoring the quote. They acted as if it was my fault. I showed them the empty bottle, they had all the info there. and gave me a price.

I had my stepson with me and I told him two things you don't do to someone, you don't lie to them, you don't steal from them, and I told them infront of everyone there, that they did both. This store is on McHenry Ave, Modesto Ca.

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