I beleived them when they said it would be there the next two days. What they then told me was they lost my order and i decided to call my lawyer.

They have committed a fraud againts me and my bank. They had it in stock and everything i oredered so i figured they would yake it off the shelf and fill my order. Instead they said they lost it and didnt fill my order with their current stock so i calle the BBB and told them that they had committed internet fraud and stole a grand theft level of money. They told me that I could take them to small claims and end this *** for good with a ten thousand dollar settlement and said I no.

I want criminal charges filed against their company for consumer fraud and theft. I made copies of the transaction where they drained my account and tried to smooze me into not saying ANYTHING.

I decided they have one day to fix it or ill call the attorney general of new mexico and put their heads on polls for making me so freaking mad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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Maybe you should head back over the border with the rest of your Mexicant friends. Your grammar is so far beyond awful I have no idea what you're complaining about.


What are you even talking about? You're complaint is not logical, you sound incoherent. Contact the Attorney general with this rant and they wont even know what you're complaining about.


Your spelling and grammar should've tipped me off. Honestly, though, your understanding of the law is at a 5th grade level.

You cannot press charges in criminal court, number one.

Secondly, $300 is not a "grand theft level." Thirdly, well... Frankly, I don't have the time to correct all your idiocies and errors, but suffice it to say you, sir, are an outright ***.

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