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bought 2 tires for my audi S6 from, they sent them to the store 3902 riverside in rockford. received email and text so i went to pick them up.

they counldnt find them, went there 4 times in 4 days and finally they told me they are lost.talked to the store manager, small guy about 5ft 5inch or so. i told him how could this happen, he told me he doesnt care.

i cant believe they have a store manager like that talking to customers like that.i wanted to knock that little guy out talking to me that way. i will never shop at walmart again....always thought it was a nasty place to shop, dirty store and nasty people....guess i was right

User's recommendation: dont shop at walmart.

Monetary Loss: $270.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Rockford, Illinois

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I bet you would not be so tough if the manager was not five feet five. You are only tough when you want to hit someone smaller than you. Well this makes you a weak coward.


You wanted to knock him out. What are you two?

Adults know how to handle situations with their words, in a non violent way. Toddlers do not. If you had touched him you would have been in jail for assault.

That is what happens. When a two year old hits someone because they did not get their way, they are put on time out and spoken to firmly, when an "adult" like you does it they are sent to jail and charged with assault.

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