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I bought two boxes of diabetic test strips. When I got home I realized I had bought the wrong kind. I did not open the packages,but I did go back to WalMart to exchange them. They refused to exchange them. They gave me some *** reason that had to do with the product having to do with bodily floods. If I had opened the package I could have understood this line of reasoning. I did not open them. I wound up having to buy a new machine for testing, but I sure did not buy it from Walmart. In fact I have moved all my prescriptions to a pharmacy at a different store.

This wa my last visit to this *** store. I will pay twice as much at another store to insure that I will never go to walmart again.

Monetary Loss: $64.


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Would you be happy to buy test strips that you knew someone returned?Not likely.

It's really just common sense.

I don't see any signs that I can't *** on the floor either.

Ridiculous and unreasonable.This is the kind of sorry customer that is attracted to Wal Mart for some reason.

to ransom #1389208

Actually anything returned to Walmart is almost always sent back to the manufacturer. So no one would actually be buying them.


“BODILY FLOODS??” How disgusting!

Anyway ...test strips are never returnable.

How is Wal-Mart to know that you properly handled and stored them before the attempted return?For all they know, you could’ve left them in a hot car for 2 days, which would produce inaccurate blood sugar results if used for testing.

Sorry - no returns, no exceptions.


Yes, there needs to be a sign, label on the products, or people who work at the pharmacy need to be clear on the no refund policy.It isn't common knowledge that these products cannot be returned.

In fact, I've had a pharmacy technician behind the counter tell me I can return strips and lancets as long as I had a receipt. So unfortunately, sometimes they don't even know the rules.

Can't blame customers for not being properly informed, or even misinformed. Customers make purchases from big retailers in good faith.

If the employees or the store didn't make clear the no refund exception on these products, I think the store should be responsible for the cost.It was the store's mistake, not the customer's.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1266683

Anyone claiming policy has obviously never worked at walmart...they ignore policy whenever it suits them.They are notorious for it.

They'll take back Target brand items half used if you are enough of an *** about it.(my first weekend working there.)

Decatur, Alabama, United States #1259784

Well that's just silly.It's clearly stated in the return policy that all diabetic supplies can not be returned.

It's for safety {{Redacted}}. Maybe you should check your stuff before purchase there was nothing the Walmart employees could do because its policy. As for you paying more just to not use Walmart is just as dumb.

Just check your {{Redacted}} and quit being such a {{Redacted}} about it.It was your fault not the store.

to Anonymous Jackson, Michigan, United States #1275761

My husband purchased the incorrect test strips as well.I attempted to return THE UNOPENED box and I also had my receipt with me.

They would not accept the return. This is a very unfair Walmart policy!

We will not use Walmart again!Once again Walmart blows!!!!!!

Fishers, Indiana, United States #1219338

No nothing written around the meter of strip box

Normal, Illinois, United States #1218597

There are signs all around the test strips saying the are non-returnable.Plus they inform you again as you are checking out.

Your own fault. Also people reglue packaging shut all the time. But it's because of laws that walmart can't return them.

Or any other store for that matter.You have to contact the manufacturer.

to Anonymous #1385083

No such sign on the test strips and nothing was said to me at the counter upon purchasing. Don't ever assume.

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