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I bought two boxes of diabetic test strips. When I got home I realized I had bought the wrong kind. I did not open the packages,but I did go back to WalMart to exchange them. They refused to exchange them. They gave me some *** reason that had to do with the product having to do with bodily floods. If I had opened the package I could have understood this line of reasoning. I did not open them. I wound up having to buy a new machine for testing, but I sure did not buy it from Walmart. In fact I have moved all my prescriptions to a pharmacy at a different store.

This wa my last visit to this *** store. I will pay twice as much at another store to insure that I will never go to walmart again.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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We had the same problem at Wal-mart in Dickson, Tn. Why aren't these supplies put behind the drug counter and customers asking for them?


I took my husbands EMPTY container to my Walmart & the clerk BEHIND counter was the one that sold me the WRONG strips & they still wouldn't take them back!


"Diabetic supplies cannot be returned. All sales are final.

Please contact the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding defective items. Check your package for the manufacturer's name and contact information."

It's right there in the Walmart return policy clear as crystal in black and white.


You cannot blame the OP, the OP is three years old and does not know how to read. Mommy should have read this to her.


I'm not sure what you could do to a test strip to make it harmful. You don't ingest or rub on your skin like a medication tampering.

I'm guessing it is aimed more at those who receive free strips by mail and then try to return them. Most laws are made to ensure profit not the safety of the customers.


Well is the case about those returning free strips than it is to keep the prices for the honest people the same, you are either three years old not to understand this or one of those who return free strips.


The store needs to be shut down for selling the strips to someone who is six years old without an adult present. Next time get mommy to read the package for you to make sure you have the right strips.

That bodily fluid thing is not BS it is the law. They should not break the law just because you do not know how to read. You said you changed pharmacies because of this, do your parents know?

Obhave12753 Yeah this site is pissedconsumer, but when a consumer does not know how to read and expects the company to break the law for them people have every right to tell him to shop with an adult because clearly the person posting this is six years old.

It is him who needs to learn how to read. If he were older and knew how to read this would not have been an issue, perhaps the loser is you because you side with someone who wants a company to break the law because they cannot read.


Here's a newsflash for you, you condescending *** -- there is NOT a law in place about returning such a product or exchanging it. It is a company policy adopted by Walmart for its own reasons.

Last night, I was caught in the same trap. I am not a 6 year old, you ***, and I can read. I'm ten times that age -- I'm 60 -- but I'm new to the world of glucose testing.

I made a similar mistake. I bought the strips I thought went with my meter because they had the word "Contour" on them.

My error, they were supposed to say "Contour Plus." The UNOPENED package came back to them within 10 MINUTES of purchase, and I wound up literally putting $31 worth of unused, brand new, good-as-the-moment-I-bought-them test strips INTO THE TRASH.

If you can defend that, you're an *** like Walmart because even a SIX YEAR OLD would know better than to throw away something brand new, or force another person to do so over some unspoken fear of loss, liability, or other BS over "bodily fluids" that AREN'T IN THE PICTURE. Back when a local store WAS a local store, they could look you in the eye, read a receipt, know that a product had NOT been opened or used, realize that the product had been sold TEN MINUTES earlier to a loyal customer who was clean cut, obviously NOT a terrorist or scammer, and had made an honest mistake.

Instead, today we have computer systems with pre-programmed "policies" in them by some distant tyrant in the headquarters at Bentonville AR lording over the consumer as well as the associate, who is forced to scan the item and show me the policy on a computer screen -- "NOT RETURNABLE." They know I'm legit, I know I'm not doing anything wrong, and our hands are tied. In the case of this particular lady, who was afraid I was going to yell at her, I'm one of the few who knows how *** it is to hammer down on a Walmart associate, who wants to help me but can't and who is only trying to do her job and do the will of the company.

You need to grow a heart -- and a brain -- and see the real issue here.

It's not childish to want $31 back. I'm pissed too, and Walmart is going to hear it, along with this message. I am also going to buy my test strips elsewhere, if I have to pay extra for them at Walgreens. That alone is going to be $600 less going into their cash registers, and for the sheer symbolism of it, and to bring balance to the table for the $31 loss I endured over this ***, I'm going to boycott the local store temporarily on groceries for one month, bringing another $400 to the table for Kroger instead of Walmart.

I'm not foolish enough to say I'll never go back over a single bottle of test strips. I'm just going to level the playing field and correct the error of this on my own terms, satisfying my sense of fairness. Moving $1000 of my business elsewhere either temporarily or permanently eases my anger over $31, knowing that I took the money back on my terms to other sellers. It's the right thing to do, and gives me a way that satisfies me that they, too lost something over this ***.

Not that they care -- they're like you, condescending and arrogant.

That company rakes in $26,000 per SECOND worldwide. But $1000 of that will be missing now -- on MY terms and MY policy.


The cashier could lose her job for this, you want her to lose her job because you are stupi!d and picked up something wrong. Why should someone else be punished for YOUR mistake, grow up.

Maybe the reason people think you are six is because you act that age. Also your $1000 is not per second it is what per month, hardly hurts them, comes up to them losing two cents per second, hardly a threat at all.


People buy test strips on Craig's list all over the US


Just saying obviously you can't read cause, with the test strips, practically in neon flashing lights it clearly says they are non-returnable. Should have made sure you bought the right ones the first time.


How does a child like you have that much money. There is a law to not return diabetic strips.

Should have had your parents permission first before posting as not to appear foolish. You posting about your policy shows that you are three years old.


Hey guys hate to burst your bubble but blood products are non refundable even if they are unopened due to the protection of other customers. Stop complaining and research what you actually need before buying it's not the stores fault it's yours.


Sel, you need an education. Glucose test strips are NOT A BLOOD PRODUCT.

They are pieces of plastic that contain high tech materials designed to work with a blood glucose testing unit designed to come into contact with blood AFTER the consumer *** their own finger with a lancet.

Consumers do the best they can, with lookalike packaging, to "research" what they need but a competitive marketing environment makes this like a maze for some of us to wade through. We're not terrorists looking to poison or harm someone. To say that these are "blood products" that come into contact with bodily fluids is like making the ridiculous argument that TOOTH PASTE is non-returnable because it comes into contact with saliva.

I've researched what I need now, after making a similar mistake that cost me $31 due to this idiotic policy, and I've corrected it. The strips will now be bought from Walgreens, costing Walmart about $600 in annual sales over that $31.

Checkmate, Walmart.

Enjoy your policy. It just cost you.


I had the same experience at a Walmart in Wash, DC when I purchased the wrong glucose strips for my machine. Although, I had opening the box in the store before I left the Pharmacy Dept.

I was told my the Pharmacy Cashier, the Pharacist Manager, the customer cashier , and her manager the strips are non returnable. When I ask the manager why.

She said that federal laws prohibits return on products that comes in conact with human blood or bodily fluids. (Walmart needs to post signs near products that are non returnable, post a sign st the Pharmacy Checkout


It says on the cash register when you buy them :) I don't think pharmacies could post all signs for all the laws they have to follow.


The only "***" person is you. YOu should know what you are buying and with things like this they have every right to not allow returns. I take it your blood sugar level was high when you wrote this so that is why you are behaving childish and not realizing that this was due to people's safety.

James Wright is not breaking the law because some *** picked up the wrong package because they don't know how to read.

Frankly they don't need the service of some adult who acts as if she is still eight and throws a temper tantrum when she does not get her way.

They were not rude. Not giving in to an adult throwing a temper tantrum like some third grader is not rude.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

Seems to be a pattern here, of posters like "Jedi" chiding some of us for being childish for wanting to return a perfectly good, new item that was unused. You can bring CHAINSAWS back to Walmart and they can come in contact with bodily fluids too, but you can't return test strips.

Jedi, the one who can't read here is YOU.


I think you are the childish one, you make a mistake and did not know what strips to get and you are calling everyone who says something you dislikes childish names. Are you sure you are not mistaking months for years, for example you are 60 months old and not 60 years old.

If you knew how to read you would have read the receipt and saw that you cannot return them. It is you who cannot read because clearly this is printed on the receipt and at the counter. Get someone with glasses if your age is making you blind.

Don't take your anger out on other's because you made the mistake, you act like you are five, six or seven people are going to assume you are that age. If you do not want them to mistake your age than act your age instead of an incompetent child.


This just happened to me to. I was looking for a new meter.

I purchased a freestyle because it said it used less blood. The price on the shelf for the meter and the strips was $17.63. When I checked out, I realized I had been charged over $62 for the strips. I went to customer service ( I had not even left the store) but was told that they would not let me return anything due to some state law that I cannot find anywhere.

So because they have items put in the wrong place( not just one but 3 or 4 of the same item put behind a price- this was not accidently put there by a customer)and the price is listed wrong I am stuck with this huge price. They also have no signs saying that these things are not returniable.

I also will never step foot in a walmart again.

They are just thieves!