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One time I went shopping at the Wal-Mart on Dell-Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (I don't think that there are any other Wal-Marts in Cheyenne).

I was shopping for a pair of shoes and was wearing my backpack. As I was looking over the shoes I heard a woman's voice come over the loudspeaker that said "Security To Shoes". A minute later there was this dude staring at me while I was looking over the shoes. Another dude came up to him and said "Hey Man, I thought that you were supposed to be on your break." and the dude staring at me replied 'Oh, I was, but they called me and told me to watch this guy to make sure that he didn't rip anything off." And they both looked at me and laughed.

Insulted, I got up off the chair that I was sitting on trying on the shoes and left the store. After I walked out the front doors, the same security dude was walking after me and he was laughing and laughing like he thought that the whole thing was funny. I was Outraged and Humiliated. I then did all further shoe shopping at Needs Free where they gave out free clothes to anyone who wanted them.They also gave away other stuff like books and magazines and household items that people would donate to them.

Anything that you wanted was free of charge. All that they asked was for you to sign your name in the notebook they had by the front door. They would have a raffle any time that they would get something nice and I won a Koala Bear stuffed animal that I used for a pillow for many years. I loved it.

It was the only thing that I had ever won in my life. All of the shoes at Wal-Mart were gross anyway and I ended up getting a pair free of charge at "Needs Free" in Cheyenne. I don't think that they still run the store anymore, but it was wonderful while it lasted. Also, I got alot of college books for free from there too.

it's like a got a college education in a wide number of subjects. All kinds of knowledge learned from reading and studying college books that originally were over a hundred dollars apiece. I could go inside of "Needs Free" and stuff my backpack full of stuff, just like the security people at Wal-Mart think that I am doing when no one is looking. Also, a few times when freak snowstorms suddenly arrived, I was able to dash into "Needs Free" and get goofy looking but warm outfits to wear to keep me warm on my walk home.

And let me tell you, those snowstorms would be coming down hard with that famous Cheyenne wind blowing the snow everywhere and it was difficult to walk in. Also, another time I got a free real life Christmas tree and stand from them just in time for Christmas. God Bless You Needs Free, and I wish that there was a store like yall had in every town in America.

Instead of the Greedy places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army that charge three times what something is worth. Love

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ok let me stop you. I have worked in LP and AP.

In both areas there is a saying. If it looks like a duck then it’s a duck. Someone reported that you were STEALING!!! Why do you think it went out over the PA system??

Someone saw you steal!!! The other poster is right, you WERE going to steal, you just didn’t get the chance because the fuzz was onto you.

Please drop off the face of the planet you low life thief. I don’t need to pay higher prices because ppl like you feel empowered to steal.


Your Mama!


I think maybe it was because I was trying on the shoes and walking up and down the aisle that they thought that I was stealing, like you said. Maybe they thought that I was just going to take off waling in the shoes.

I believe that if that is what someone was going to do that they wouldn't need a backpack. Anyway, another time I had bought a pair of all leather shoes from Wal-Mart and they hurt my feet extremely bad and I had to take them back for a refund. So I wanted to make sure that the next pair of shoes that I bought from them was going to fit comfortable, and so I did like someone suggested to me and I walked a little back in the forth in them. That lady probably saw me putting them on and thought that I was about to take off in the shoes.

None of the shoes that I tried on felt comfortable enough for me to want to buy. They all looked like they were made of very cheap materials and I couldn't find a dark brown or black or gray pair that I liked. Most of what they had was white shoes and I didn't want that because I walked everywhere I went and wanted something dark that wouldn't show any dirt that got on it so easily. I had already tried on a few pairs and was about to give up and leave when that security man showed up.

Sorry, Anonymous, but you were wrong that they saw me steal anything.

They saw me putting on the shoes so that I could walk a little up and down the aisle to see if they were comfortable enough for me. I have found over the years that Wal-Mart usually doesn't have a very good selection of shoes to choose from and that you are much better off going to a store that specializes in shoes.


That's like someone taking a look at Caitlin Jenner and saying "IF IT LOOKS LIKE A WOMAN, THEN IT'S A WOMAN!"


Here are a few points for you. Most people don't wear backpacks when shopping in a store.

Leave it at home next time.

Backpacks are often used by shoplifters to conceal merchandise. It sounds like you were looking for a handout anyway and it was probably a good idea their loss prevention people were watching you.


But if I leave my backpack at home I'll have to lug real heavy bags around all day. And I won't be able to go shopping at other stores because then I'll have to leave my purchases from the other store at the front and I am afraid that someone will steal my stuff.

I wear a backpack every day so that I don't have to always have my hands full.

Also, I keep all of my money in there as well. I wear a backpack every time that I go shopping in a store, and I'm not going to stop doing so just because some "Anonymous" loser from the Pissed Off Consumer website told me not to.


And what is the point of this long complaint?


Well, my friend. I have read many complaints from people from many different stores all saying how they were treated rudely and with disrespect just because they were wearing a backpack.

I wasn't wearing a backpack because I was there to steal, I was wearing a backpack because I was too poor to have a car to carry my purchases home with me, and it is much easier carrying heavy groceries and other items in a backpack instead of lugging them in your arms the whole way home. I bought a whole bunch of stuff at that same Wal-Mart in Cheyenne one time, and after I paid for them I was in the area just inside the doors by the soda machines and I was loading up all of my just purchased items into my big packpack, filling it completely to the top. While I was doing this, a Wal-Mart store security officer came up to me and said that he checking to see what I was doing, that they could see me through the hidden camera and that it looked awfully suspicious what I was doing. He said that he wanted to make sure that I had purchased all of the items that I was loading from my bags into my backpack.

I had just spent over a hundred dollars on items. It was real cold, so that's why I was loading my stuff up before leaving the store. Luckily, a couple in a mini-van stopped and offered me a ride home because they could see that I was struggling walking with my huge heavy backpack on. I never could have carried all that stuff in both my hands on the long walk home.

The couple was a black man married to a white woman and they had their little girl who was half black and half white with them. The husband told me that he worked at the Air Force base in Cheyenne. He said that if the president gave the orders, that he would be one of the people launching the nuclear missles at a moment's notice.. Anyway, if they were going to be watching me looking at the shoes, they could have done so without saying "Hey man, they wanted me to watch this go to make sure that he didn't rip anything off".

How about asking me if I needed any help and helping me find the pair of shoes that I was looking for? I wasn't there to steal, and wasn't even thinking about stealing anything. I felt very disrespected as a customer. Every time I would shop there, I would have to walk miles and miles home and I needed a backpack so that my arms would be free.

Wal-Mart should realize that most of their customers are low income people and that they shouldn't assume that everyone wearing a backpack is there to steal. I think that the Cheyenne Wal-Mart should get on this site and post an apology to me for treating me that way. And If they do, I will forgive them because I am a christian who loves the lord very much, and I believe in forgiving people. All of the mean stuff that the "Anonymous" posters say on here calling me a thief doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

It just shows that they are ignorant. And actually, I think that most of the people who are stealing from them are doing so by other means than wearing a backpack. While that store security officer at the Wal-Mart in Cheyenne was watching me and following me there could have been someone else in the store stealing stuff who was getting away with it because they were thinking that I was there to steal. Actually, I was there to not only buy shoes, but a whole bunch of other items as well that would have completely filled up my backpack, but I left once the man announced that he was making sure that I wasn't going to steal anything.

P.S. Folks at Pissed Off Consumer, Please send a copy of this to the Wal-Mart on Dell Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This happened over 20 years ago, but I am ready to forgive them for treating me like that if they get on here and apologize to me for it. Even if they don't, i forgive them anyway, because that's what the Lord teaches.

But I think that they should apologize to me anyway for making me feel unwelcome as a customer. Thanks.


I think it's reasonable that they think anyone wearing a back pack is using it steal merchandise. There are, of course, other ways to steal but that's a very common method.

Some stores require you to check any bags that could be used to steal.

I don't blame them. Thievery is a massive expense.


When I win the Publishers Clearing House Super-Prize, I'll be able to take my purchases back to the vehicle that I'll buy and won't have to wear a backpack anymore. That will be one of the best things about winning.