Barnegat Township, New Jersey
Not resolved

I went to take money out of an ATM and tried twice. No money was dispensed.

The bank knew that there was an issue and sent a message out to the ATM system telling banks to refund. Wal-Mart can't read that system so they won't refund my money for ten days if they even do. Meanwhile I'm broke. It's the 30th and the earliest they are saying I can get it back is Jan 7.

It's absolutely ridiculous. I don't Understand how in the electronic age Wal-Mart expects that will fly. Cause it won't. No more Wal-Mart debit card.

No more food from Wal-Mart. And maybe a few more trips to Kmart....

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hmmm... give walmart another chance kmart isn't a very good ideal. :sigh

John N

When this happens all you can do is use some of the money in your savings account, or even the cash reserve you keep at home for just such emergencies. Fiscally responsible people always have either or both options available.

WalMart will get around to it at some point. They are very busy learning how to stock shelves better.

@John N

Are you too busy minding other people 's business ? Looks like it isn't worth taking a chance on Walmart debit cards.