Marshall, Texas

The walmart that is closest to my house is located at Sycamore School Road and Macart in Ft. Worth.

Some of the items that I purchase from walmart I have to go to a different walmart to get. This paticular day I went to the new walmart that is located in Crowley Texas. I found the item that I was looking for and decided to go ahead and buy some bananas. The walmart in Crowley refused to price match the bananas for the price I purchased bananas the night before at the walmart located at Sycamore School Road and Macart.

With priced going up on almost everything now days you would think that walmart of all places would be willing to price match another walmart. Instead that have lost a good customer.

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As a Walmart employee I can inform you that in our policy, it states that we do not price match other walmarts, considering that it's an "Competition Ad Match" Policy, and since other walmarts aren't in competition with other walmarts, the policy is null. And if you're really going to never shop at a store again because they bend down and kiss your ***, then you should at least look into their policy and not look like a ducking ***.


I love the show Undercover Boss, tonight's episode was awesome! When the Retro Fitness CEO fired that obnoxious punk!

I hope the same thing happens to the butch that showed her true colors on this site is fired with no unemployment benefits.

Call 1-800-Walmart the management and associates love it when corporate contacts them about customer complaints! Let them know that name of the cashier and that she and LadyScot would be better serving Walmart by cleaning the bathrooms where they little to no interaction with customers.

Your experience is typical since Walmart hires ignorant heroin addicts like LadyScot.


Walmart does not price match against itself, and neither does Publix. It even says so on their advertisement. They price match COMPETITORS price, not their own stores.


Hey LadyScot!

We missed you over on the Walgreens complaints - have you switched over to WalMart entirely, or are you coming back? We haven't had much going on since you come on back and answer some questions for us!


Anytime anyone has a complaint about Walmart or their associates call the 1-800 number. Walmart management and associates do not like getting bad feedback through corporate.

It is true Walmart hire ignorant employees like LadyScot.


walmart does not match does not match that would be cutting their own throat.

:x not all are ignorant and low class,but a lot of customers are and rude.

we have to smile through it all.Thank you for shopping your walmart. Save money live better.


Walmart hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


Any WalMart that I have been in only does price matching if the item is the exact same brand, as in another store. These two WalMarts could have had different brands of bananas.

Also if you were going by an ad, the night before, the ad could have expired or if you really read the ads some of them say something to the effect that not all items available in all stores.