Sun City West, Arizona

ok. i was an employee of walmart for a year and in just that one year. I learned that things be gettin bad.

I never felt so frikkin smart in all my livin long days. Im a hard worker

that basically needed a job. During my interview i was asked what i would like to be I told them electronics would be great since i went to college for it and would just like to get the experience i need for other jobs

i may happen to come upon in the later years. The first manager told me hmm well electronics is full so is there anything else you think you might like to choose ? I said okay umm security gaurd ? they didnt even

answer that question i know im kinda not the kind you would hire for a security gaurd so i wasnt surprised. instead ii was asked do you like candy ? I was like umm ya. I was told well we got dry grocery open i complied as to not get any lower in the ranks. So down the road a few months more i got in trouble for overworking past my lunch hours three times in a row. I was given a year for my coachiing to go away. but a little before that during my talk with the manager at my walmart he had to type in my coaching information. The manager couldnt do it because he didnt understand the instructions the program was giving him on how to enter the information in the computer for a coaching. so he asked me a few words as to what they ment. I told him so when he went to type it in he was extremely slow because he sucked at typing and he knew it he hunt and pecked.I giggled so he looked at me and laughed too he then asked me to type in all the information the program needed to coach me. I dont know who was more *** me for complying or the manager who couldnt do his job. anyway i kept my job and worked for a year and at the end of it all I was finally given a d day due to the fact that i was sick and didnt want to work in the deep freezer and only wanted to work in the dairy department so i can still continue to work. I was declined my request and i was pissed off and hit walls slammed doors and etc... while i left the office to just go to the deep freezer do my job and get more sick. Instead i was told to go to the office and speak to the manager. this time it was a different manager. I was told i could be a cart pusher i said. I said when do i work ? i was told the schedule and i also had to write a essay on why i want to keep working for walmart. In short. I never went back and now im here without a job and here typing not my regrets but just lettin you guys kno. Things be gettin bad. and well... This is how walmart runs its business ...ever seen that one movie called idiocracy hahaa ..ya ..things be gettin bad

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You can't even spell much less use grammar. Glad they fired you. Your too lazy and *** to work there


This whole thing is a lie. I only made it up to make the manager look bad because I was angry for being disciplined for not following procedures.

I then refused to go to work because I knew they would fire me based on my poor performance and my always calling sick. Now that I have calmed down I can admit this.