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My original order was placed on 8/29/2015. I waited three days for Walmart's processing to complete.

On 9/3/15 I tracked it to the sorting facility. I was informed that the order had left the sorting facility and was on the way to the distribution center. I waited until the expected delivery date of 9/7/2015. When it did not arrive, I contacted customer service again and was told to wait "a few more days." On 9/14 I received an email that my order had been "lost in transit".

Apparently, the order never left the sorting facility on 9/3.

I was given a refund (minus sales tax). Second order arrived defective, now waiting for the third order to arrive.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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First of all being on WIC, obviously makes you feel you are entitled to things. This is not discrimination.

You simply cannot cut in line. You should be ashamed of yourself, accusing them of discrimination just because they would not allow you to cut in line.

Get a job and stop spreading your legs. You are not entitled to cut in line.

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