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I purchased a pair of supposed New Balance shoes from the Walmart Web Site. I've used Walmart Web site for 10 years.

This is the first time I purchased, not knowingly, from a Third Party that sells on the Walmart Web Site. The store's name is: Apparel Save. First, it is my opinion, these do not feel like New Balance Shoes. I have worn NB Shoes for 6 years.

Second, You CAN NOT return these shoes to a Walmart Store or Walmart On-Line. Walmart only lets you purchase through their web site, then they wash their hands of the deal. Third, I contacted Apparel Save, asking to return the shoes. I will have to pay shipping both ways.

No assistance on returns. Why on earth would Walmart hurt their reputation as a reliable On-Line seller with this company????

I'll slow down my on-line orders to Walmart and return to my go to seller: Amazon. Amazon, never disappointed with the return policies there.

Product or Service Mentioned: New Balance Sneakers.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Are you aware that Amazon uses 3rd party sellers too. We've had mixed result with them.


LOL is trying to get into the business better like Amazon. Pipe down a little, get a bit more coherent and try to talk to someone like an adult at Walmart until you get the resolution you want.

Quit acting like the world is falling down around you - it isn't.

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