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First my husband ordered games on the Walmart website but that got cancelled because of verification so he contacted his bank about it and gave it a second try by using a different credit card but that got declined as well for the same reason so I gave it a try a week later and this is what happened: I ordered some Wii U games for my little nephew's birthday which is coming up and at first I got the usual, "Thank you for shopping at Walmart. An email will be sent to you when your order ships." Around two hours later, I received another email stating that my order has been cancelled because they could not verify some of my payment information.

I then checked my bank account statement it says that Walmart has already taken out the money from the order. I don't understand how can they not verify my bank information when they have already taken the money out. I emailed Walmart's customer service and their only reply was for me to contact my banking institution which I did but Walmart kept telling me they cannot verify the information. What is there to verify when they have already taken the money?

I also got the "It will take 5-7 business days to process a refund." This is all bull. Walmart should NOT be able to charge credit cards only to cancel it because their *** system cannot verify informations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

I didn't like: Predatory credit card terms.

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