Salt Lake City, Utah
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The other day in my local paper there was an ad for walmart! the entire ad was in Spanish and no English to be found!

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. and am not about to learn Spanish. I guess Walmart doesn't care about me as a customer, so I will shop at Kmart, Shopco, Target or one of their other competetors.

the prices are not all that different and in some cases better deals can be had than at Walmart. I have also always wondered why walmart puts in 30 checkstands and then opens mabe on a good day 10??

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Just build a stinkin wall already and ship out anyone who is not a naturalized citizen. Men, women, children, whatever....

regardless of the country of their origin. Maybe if we didn't have such a glut of illegals taking minimum wage for labor, American companies would be forced to pay a decent wage and customer service would improve.


What's wrong with you people that think I should learn another language? We live in the United States and we speak ENGLISH.

We won our Independance from ENGLAND. What language do they speak?

English is what the language has been in this country since it BEGAN. What 's wrong with you people, don't know our history?


I'm not bilingual yet either and only grew up knowing English. I will say though that we in the U.S.

fall into the "dumb American" stereo-type when we put up so much resistance to learning another language, even though it would be beneficial to us and our family as well. We would rather tear someone else down instead of face the fear that you might not be smart enough to learn another language (which isn't true).

There are certainly valid points on the other side of it too that I agree with (though they are not the ones you mentioned). While there are other valid points (used as excuses), there is no getting around the fact that the attitude expressed in this post and the collective resistance to become multilingual is hurting us as a country.


Hey Ralph, last I checked, this was a free country. If you white people wanna give us Hispanics better jobs, then guess what ***bag, we're gonna take them. ***!


Hey, You're Ignorant - I know a different language and it's called "Marine." Screw mexico and screw people coming into my country (where English is the RECOGNIZED language) and screw the companies which cater to them.

And don't call me racist - the correct word to use would nationalist.


Hispanics are the largest growing minority group in the United States, and many companies (not just WM) are tailoring their marketing messages accordingly to the changing landscape of the country. Your statements sound pretty racist.

If you want to live somewhere that 100% white, go to the North Pole.

You and the Polar Bears will have a dandy time, and no spanish ads! Paradise for you buddy!


OH OH another typo. Just so you can't stand on your soap box about the last time the Spainish conquered the United States...should of course read: When was the last time the Spanish conquered the United States. Now that this typo has been rectified perhaps you could argue something more in keeping with my other statements.


Thanks Hilarous for finding my one typo. You are correct it is should have been common and not comman.

I stand corrected. However in all of what I said you couldn't argue with anything else but my typo and stand on that ground that there is no official language and that Spanish doesn't come from Mexico. Brilliant as always from small minded people trying to portray themselves as well educated. Have you ever really tried to consider the gibberish we would all speak if we tried to integrate every language every immigrant has spoken into our society.

But perhaps we should all be speaking some native american language, after all they were the first ones here.

But again, history will tell you that the language of the conquering people is the language that the conquered people learn to speak and become assimilated to. When was the last time the Spainish conquered the United States???


You're upset because the ad was in Spanish? Can you not see the product and prices on the pages in the ad? You need to grow up. This is America. There IS no official language. And as another poster said, the language of 'Spanish' does not come from 'Mexico'. So what's with the reference of Mexico?

And as for Mr. History Hot's "common", not "comman".

Thanks for reading.


To You're ignorant. Perhaps it *** her off because it wasn't written in English and Spanish so that all could read it.

Perhaps it is because Salt Lake City isn't the Hispanic Capital of the United States and it isn't expected there. Perhaps it is just her right as an American to be pissed and spout off about it.

You shouldn't declare she is ignorant because you assume she doesn't know another language. You also talk about our founding father knowing other languages.

That is true of the ones that were wealthy enough to go to school and a university or have a tutor for them. They learned Latin, Greek, French and Italian as those were the core languages at the time. Men like Benjamin Franklin were self taught and he taught himself French first before moving on to Italian. Which is why he was such a great French Ambassador.

However, the comman citizen of the time spoke English!!! Just as we do today!!!! Many people have immigrated to America and have learned English to become citizens. America has never had the history of learning the immigrants language to communicate with them.

That holds true today, and there are many who want that tradition to continue, it doesn' make them ignorant, it makes them proud of their history and what has built this country.

Also since you are trying to seem so educated in your comment, try to check the correct useage of the word whom in your sentence.


Why does it get you so pissed to see something in another language. And just to inform you: Spanish doesn't come from Mexico.

Yes, this is America, where there is not one official language. Get educated and learn another language like the founding fathers, whom spoke in several different languages.