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Update by user Aug 07, 2014

I went back to this pharmacy today - on Tuesday, they had told me the prescription for my husband and the partial refill for myself would be ready the next day, which was yesterday. I gave them another whole day before I went back.

My husband's was ready, but my partial refill wasn't. They told me to wait five minutes - when I went back, they brought the prescription, but it was for three months when I had requested only one month.

Once again, THIS IS THE MOST INEPT PHARMACY I'VE EVER BEEN TO. We'll be switching to another one as soon as our meds are due again.

Original review posted by user Aug 05, 2014

Over the last couple of months, my husband and I have been transferring our prescriptions from Walgreens to the Walmart pharmacy at I-80 and Beltline in Mesquite, TX. We're doing this because we don't have insurance for another couple of months, so we have to pay out of pocket, and Walmart is much cheaper than Walgreens.

EVERY SINGLE TIME we've gone to pick up a prescription, it's NEVER ready, even if we've given them extra time. They tell us it will be ready in 15 minutes, so we walk around the store, go back in 15 minutes - still not ready - it's always about an hour instead. Today I went to pick up two prescriptions that I transferred online about four days ago - they had no idea what I was talking about. I asked for the manager - he was on vacation.

I asked for the pharmacist - he wouldn't even look at me. The clerk who was waiting on me didn't know ANYTHING, and everybody just has such a nonchalant attitude! Turns out, no one checks the online orders. So why do they even offer that service?

I also turned in two prescriptions for my husband, one new and one transferred. I spoke to the store manager - she did give me a $20 gift card and spoke to the pharmacy to see what was happening - she told me the prescriptions would be ready in about 10 minutes. I went back in 10 minutes, the clerk told me everything was ready, except for one that they could only give me a partial refill on, and the balance would be ready tomorrow. I paid, got in my car, and half-way home, I looked in the sack and one was missing!

I turned around, went BACK to the pharmacy, spoke to the same clerk - he said the missing one was a transfer and I'd have to wait till tomorrow.

They ALWAYS have an excuse for being late and sometimes they're just completely incompetent! Don't go to this pharmacy - find another one - I know we will be.

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Why don't you make your life easier and call and make sure they are ready before you leave? I don't understand why your complaining about a 3 month supply rather than a month supply.If you have a 3 month supply then you don't have to worry about it for another 3 months.Also why didn't you look in the bag to make sure everything was in there before you left?


I don't understand why people think cheap and fast are the same thing. Walmart understaffed their pharmacies just like everywhere else on the store, they work a skeleton crew so they can provide better prices.

If you want cheap walmart is the place to go if you want fast then pay for it and go back to walgreens.

@Previous tech

Cheap or not, THEY ARE INCOMPETENT! That's my point.


I have seen the people waiting in lines for meds at walmart cannot understand this. I would never get meds, tires, do my taxes, nail, hair wallyworld is involved in way to many things to do any one of them well.

find a local pharmacy that cares.