Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I went to Wal-mart to buy some groceries around 12:40 p.m. today. I go every day, and I am called here MS. WAL-MART. I love the store. I know so many people there. Everyone always seem so friendly. I bought $35.25 worth of groceries. I paid $15.25 with a check and gave her $20.00 cash. When she put the check in she asked me for my ID. I told her I left my pocketbook in the car because no one usually ask me for my ID. She said she ask everyone for their ID. I said to her that the lady in front of me had just bought $340 plus worth, and she did not ask her for her ID. She said she had paid with debit. I said you said you ask everyone for their ID? She got really mad and loud and told me her husband was a cop. I asked her what did that have to do with this conversation unless it was a threat? I told her I was taking it as a threat.

I went on out of the line, and she was talking to the lady behind me about our conversation--and loudly so. I asked for the lady in charge, Dana, and she called the manager. I think his name was Mark. I told him what happened, and she was still talking. He told me that he would talk to her and get back to me. I would have let it go if she had not told me her husband was a cop. We are in the city where the man shot the couple coming out the front door. I have had knee replacement surgery, and I try not to have my pocketbook with me because I could not run if someone tried to rob me. Actually, I was on my way home from Physical Therapy. I will say she did put my groceries in my cart, and I did thank her. She saw me limping. I would think that with me being old enough to be her mother, there would be some kind of respect--and secondly a customer. I have had three businesses, and none of my workers were ever supposed to talk to the customers the way she talked to me.

I would like for her to be disciplined--not lose her job because she may need to work, but know that she can't talk to customers that way and not use her husband working as a cop to threaten people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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So you are mad because she asked you for ID?

You do realize that this is probably company policy and she has to ask you when you are using a cheque right?

I don't think you are smarter than her. If you were you would have not asked about IDing the debit card user.


It is absolutely not a "fact" that the smarter you are the more money you will make. Having marketable skills tends to CORRELATES to salary, though yes. A good education is a marketable skill. Getting a good education usually requires a degree of intelligence. Does this customers salary suggest she has a reasonable degree of intelligence? Yes. Does it mean she is automatically smart? No.... Does being more intelligent automatically make you a superior human being? No.... Especially if your a ***

My IQ is 160, and I am currently a cashier at a little store by my house. I am working my way through school. No one is born with a college degree, you have to try to earn it. You don't earn it just for being smart. You earn it through hard work, a LOT of time spent, and a LOT of money. There are a trillion reasons this cashier could be working as a cashier that DON'T mean she was ***.

And for the record, I still really don't think we are still getting the full story from this lady. I think it's far more likely that the cashier mentioned her husband was a cop to indicate she knew things about the law, or because she thought the customer may have been trying to commit identity theft since she refused to produce ID. I seriously doubt the cashier was indicating she was going to have her cop husband go shoot the customer.


Get a life. Who would want to be known as Ms Wal-Mart?


What did the cashier do that was so rude? Ask for ID?

I would have become defensive to if I was talked to that way. Besides I am not a thief like some former Walmart worker.

John N

It is a well-known fact that the smarter you are, the more money you will make. A person working at WalMart is not the brightest light in the chandelier.

The cashier needs an attitude adjustment or, more appropriately, given her walking papers.

People in retail are supposed to treat everyone with respect and courtesy---especially older people. Apparently this dumb cashier never had the benefit of a mama who taught her manners


Again? I know we're not getting the full story, either.

She probably told you her husband was a cop to indicate she knew the law. Meaning you don't have to accept a check without ID. I've seen your other posts, what is it that makes you think because you make more money than someone, that you are better than them? That's...

so messed up. You should respect people that WARRANT your respect, not anyone how makes a cent more than you. My dad makes more than you. If I have him call you up and yell at you for posting rude things online, will you apologize and step off?

He makes more than you. He is a car engineer and has several patents.