Fort Garland, Colorado

Walmart Alamosa CO Big Dave likes to intimidate customers with his size and jabbing his fingers in a threatening manner all the while grinning and likming it. There is no more Customer Service, at, Walmart.

They insult you and guess who would wind up in jail-YOU! cause their fascist trash. He scared my little kids so we ran out of the store.

Their never is anyone to help and if you ask its like you slapped them. They refuse price checking or any assistance locating products lieing about item locations to avoid the walk.

PS I am a disabled single father.

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WOW!!!!!! GREAT STORY for a boring town.


I Got into an argument with big dave. He asked me to come to his office.

He then offered me a glass of vodka.

When I was least expecting it He raped me in my virgin bottom. I kind of liked it.