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Walmart Supercenter in Chehalis, WA | 1601 NW Louisiana Ave

I went to Walmart this afternoon to return a Card reader and pick up dog food. You would Think it's a easy thing to just apply the credit to my purchase.

Somehow the cashier messed it up, twice, and said she would just apply the credit back to my bank card instead, When I checked it out on the internet account she not only did not apply the credit but charged me for the Item I was returning . I went back in with the print out of the mistake and didn't get satisfaction, it's now a $20 dollar Lesson. I no longer will use my bank card at wal-mart in Centralia wa. Rather, I will go to the bank and only take cash , And also request cash back on returns.

It may not seem a lot to others but at my financial level, it's enough to get a little upset about. Smile anyway, I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of messing up my entire day, even though they got a free lunch off my dime, and I bet dollars to Donuts that Cashier took that $ 20 out of the till .

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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What does the return receipt show? You would be surprised at how many people can not understand the difference between debit and credit as it applies to refunds.


It says credit for the return and debit for the dog food, whatever that means.


Credit for the return means they put that money back on your card. Debit for the dog food means they charged you for the dog food.

Like I said, people get highly upset when they do not know how to read something.