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More times than not, a mistake made at wal mart, wrong pricing, no price, no help to be found, & if your lucky to find someone who works there, they can't even help you. They scan things twice,don't put sale sticker over regular priced sticker,& charge full price.

One price on shelf & different price at till, & your lucky if there is a price at all.

There laying people off, then I hear there opening more stores & you can't even run the store's you have, getting to BIG & can't keep up with customer service....not there for the consumer any more,just the bottom line....$$ don't consider that it takes an extra trip every time to retun things, because of your incompetence, time, $, inconveyance...I'm getting over a stroke,so I am not driving now, I have to take city transit & this takes a lot of time & effort & more $ for me. You surely won't pay for the problems you cause people for your mistakes.....THUMBS DOWN TO WAL MART

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This isn't the web site for WalMart, you are on a general complaint site. Maybe your problem is your attitude.

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